Serena Williams won’t be allowed to wear ‘Fierce’ Black Catsuit at French Open


Dress Codes in Tennis are not something new; they are attached to the game since long. The prime example of this ‘Dress Code’ norm is Tennis players are asked to wear white at Wimbledon as it floats as the time-honored tradition. Up the latest, French Open has imposed certain rules that would restrain them from wearing whatever as the certain rules would be set in this regard. The French Tennis President singled out three-time French Open winner, Serena Williams saying that “it will no longer be accepted.’

Williams, who is a frequent winner at the Tennis courts is also known for her ‘Fashionista’ approach which even works as inspiration for her millions of followers across the globe.  The American star upon her return to the courts after birth of her first baby, earlier this year wore a black catsuit at 2018 French Open.  The costume which went on grabbing the eye-balls worldwide was a much-needed move for her strategy on the field and the gesture she actually wanted to give through it.

After winning her first game at French Open, Williams told that outfit was specially designed for those moms who had tough pregnancies and moreover, it also stands for the ‘fierce’ look needed in the court.

According to some of the reliable sources, the catsuit costume had the practical use as well as it helps her against the blood clots, which is an issue she has faced in the past.

But with the latest happenings and the official words of The French Tennis Federation president, Bernard Giudicelli, she would have to ‘bid adieu’ to her catsuit, at least in the French Open. Talking to The Associated Press, the French Tennis Federation talking about the dress codes said that, “I think that sometimes we’ve gone too far.” Talking specifically about the American Tennis star he went on saying that “It will no longer be accepted. One must respect the game and the place.”

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