Saudi-led Coalition Targets Airport and Airbase near Yemen Capital Sanaa

Third time in the ongoing month Saudi-led Coalition has bombarded the Northern Yemen area, which is heavily under the influence the Houthi Rebels. In the latest airstrikes airport and airbase near Yemen capital, Sanaa was targeted. The heavy bombardment by the Saudi Coalition aimed at devastating Houthi positions at the facilities. No reports regarding casualties caused by these airstrikes are yet out. At the same time, it should be noted here that the previous airstrikes being struck earlier this month went wayward wrong as instead of getting Houthi Rebel under the radar they killed dozens of children and women.

The latest airstrike fired on Tuesday targeted the airport and Al-Dailami base near the capital. The latest raids by the Saudi-Coalition, which is working to restore the internationally recognized government of Yemen against Shitte Houthis were done on Tuesday midnight in the capital and its adjacent areas. Moreover, these airstrikes last for around half an hour, as per the residents of the area.

According to the reports, the latest airstrikes were fired in wake of Houthis claim of targeting the Dubai Airport through drone attack. But UAE, one of the major contributors in Saudi alliance denied any such attacks on the Dubai Airport.

In the last air strike episodes fired by the Saudi alliance on Thursday, at least 22 children and four women were killed, who were actually escaping the war between the Houthi Rebels and Saudi-led Coalition, UN confirmed on Friday.

It should be noted here that Humanitarian groups and anti-war activists are severely criticizing Saudi and US for these airstrikes and war going on from past three years that have caused the worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

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