Russian women alarmed not to have sex with foreign men during 2018 World Cup

by Rana Hamza
1 minutes read

The glitzing football World Cup event is all set to shine in Moscow and people from all across the globe have arrived in Russia to witness the high-voltage action of this long-awaited event.  But here’s something more or alarming or a suggestion for the Russian woman and that too from their very own Communist Party MP Tamara Pletnyova. The prominent women representative advised or alarmed Russian women not to have sex with foreigners, or most primarily with the people of different race. Talking about the consequences of doing so she went on saying that this could make them single mothers and that can make their children suffer as the foreigners may abandon their children and wives in future.

It should be kept noted here that Russia has relaxed their visa policy for the foreigners that have somehow made sure the influx of foreigners coming in Russia to witness the jam-packed action. The policy would also have befitted the Russian economy, as well as the million tourist drive, would all be about big moolah. But the disadvantages are there very much and you can’t negate them that easy.

Apart from many other precautions, the latest one to add up on the list is from Communist Party MP Tamara Pletnyova is asking Russian women to beware of having sex with foreigners man as this can create a future problem for them and their kid as well.  The Russian MP came up with such suggestions while she was responding to the answers about “kids of the Olympics”, the mixed-race children in Russia after the 1980 Summer Olympics.  The thing which should be noted here is at the time of 80’s the contraceptives were not that present.

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