Russia Claims Syrian Rebels Staging Fake Chemical Attack

After the trilateral meeting between Iran, Russia and Turkey ended up without agreeing on the ceasefire last week, the US officials claimed that they have evidence that Syrian government along with allies were planning to carry out the chemical attack in Idlib. Contrasting to that, Russia, who is one f the major allies of Bashar al-Assad claims that Syrian Rebels are staging the fake chemical attack. It is also said that filming in this regard is underway and the ‘staged’ video will be presented as the aftermath of the Chemical attack in the area.

It isn’t the first time in Seven-years of Syria’s war that talks about chemical attack or staging of a chemical attack are circulating, it last happened earlier this years in April as both the parties went on with bale game on each other. Russia was of the view that they didn’t carry out any such attack and it was staged itself by the Syrian Rebels to gain the sympathy of the world. On the other hand, Syrian Rebels presented world the video of the Chemical Attack.

This Chemical Attack ‘blame game’ has just made it to the headlines as Syrian government with its allies have refused to step back from attacking the Rebel stronghold in Idlib province. It should be noted here that Russia-Syria also launched dozens of airstrikes in the area weeks back, which made the civilians flee from that area.

The Western World has some serious concerns over that; the US President Donald Trump also warned Russia, Iran and Bashar al-Assad from conducting the attack in Idlib as it can lead to a grave humanitarian crisis.

The Syrian Summit was discussed in the trilateral meeting in Tehran last week which saw Turkish, Iranian and Russian premier settling the future of Idlib. Putin and co. refused to a ceasefire with saying that eradicating terrorism is their first priority.

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