Research Shows Why single women can’t find the boy friends

Life is fast and everyone wants to live life according to his own will. Men and women are free to live they are not dependent on anyone. They don’t need to feel complete or beautiful with each other.

In some cultures especially in Asia, it is very hard to bear the odd comments and labeled if you are not married till or after 30 years old. People are used to calling you “old maid” or “single” and trying to tease you by asking different irritating questions. This is strange phenomena although a study claims that single women are smarter!

Mind and relationship are interlinked with each other. If you are single you considered to be smarter and intelligent t to attract the opposite sex.

Yale University conducted research by focusing on the ratio of men and women’s education and standard of life by comparison. Women are now more educated in quantity than men.

Now, due to the higher education standard and smarter mind women are not able to find the right guy as a perfect match.

Educated and intelligent women are more independent.

Being smart means women reacts in a more rational and mature way with deep thinking, careful approach, and best analytic approaches. Such women are not willing to involve in short term attractions and love at first sight things.

Smart women are more comfortable and happy in their own company because she knows how to manage herself in her life.

Single women are brave to follow and complicated to deal with. Single women are much happy to deal herself alone in the dining room, dinners, on movies in cinemas and in companies on work. They would love to travel alone.

Smart women will give more importance to have a mature partner than an immature one. They are not looking for boyfriends to put the head on their shoulders. They would love to manage a burden with strength and dignity. Smart women are more conscious about their time and look. She will never compromise below her standard.

All such reason is the major way in which a single woman is more comfortable and happy. She will prefer to stay single than have a non-serious relation. They want to have love and partner but who is most suitable to her.

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