PTI’s Faisal Vawda outshines PML-N’s Shahbaz Sharif in NA-249 Elections 2018

One of the most important elections in the history of Pakistan has just happened, and the news coming out from there tells Imran Khan-led PTI doing something never happened before.  The eye-opening elections turned out a nightmare for many of the seasoned politicians running from the parties like PML-N, PPP and MQM. The PTI chairman himself set an example with winning all of the 5 national assembly seats contesting in these general elections 2018.  At the same time, one can’t negate Faisal Vawda’s historic win against PML-N Chief Shahbaz Sharif at NA-249.

The point which should be noted here is that Vawda outshined PML-N’s bigwig Shahbaz Sharif, just in the first ever election of his life.  As per the political pundits, Punjab’s three-time Chief Minister was favorite for this election as he initiated this year’s election campaign from Karachi with more of his focus on NA-249.

Faisal Vawda, who has been one of the most prominent leaders of PTI in Karachi, lived it up to the hype with getting 35,344 votes against Sharif’s 34,626 votes.

The young PTI-gun after winning the election was indebted of the love and support of the people of his constituency. He took Twitter to express his gratitude over this victory : “I’m truly overwhelmed by the way all of you are showering your love and kind words upon me. My phone inbox is full, my twitter is bombarded with your love. I just want to tell you that your love reach me even if I can’t thank everyone individually. Thank you all. Humbled.”

Another thing which highlights Vawda’s determination of serving people of his constituency is during a political show he told that serving people doesn’t need a designation, he can also do without it. Vawada’s reaction came when Shahbaz Sharif repeatedly asked RO for the recounting of votes, even after the result remaining in the favour of PTI player.


Who is Faisal Vawda?

He might be a little new name in the political scenarios but he stands tall as the business conglomerate who runs Faisal Vawda Group – one of the largest real estate groups in Karachi. Over the years Vawada can be seen with hands-in-hands with Imran Khan and has also been working through the grass root level of his constituency.

Vawda, the true face of young politician had to face some serious challenges over joining Khan’s PTI, he was also summoned by NAB over allegations of getting hundreds of amnesty plots in Karachi by settling dummy companies and NGO’s. Later on with proceedings going, the PTI leader was set cleared of all these charges.

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