Pennsylvania Gas Line Blast: Evacuations near Pittsburgh as 30 Homes Affected by Fire

Dozens of people were evacuated from their homes on early Monday after the gas line blast hit the small western Pennsylvania community. The blasts lead to spread of fire up to half a mile with affecting around 30 homes. This horrific blast took place outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which left people in fears, consequently school day off in the area. Those affected were evacuated from the one and half dozen home were given shelter in the fire station and were looked by the American Red Cross.

This fire incident took place in Center Township, which is situated around 25 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. Moreover, the fire line which got the huge blast is operated by the company called Energy Transfer. Even with time moving on and rescue operation of going in the area, according to the correspondent of this the reason behind this explosion still remain unknown, although through investigation is underway in this regards.


The sky-high flames which were even filmed by the residents of the area went viral on social media. It will be pertinent to mention here that no injuries and casualties were reported from the scene. Talking about the damage done due to the explosion, fire engulfed at least two garages, one home and several cars, and also affected the 30 nearby houses in the area.

“There were two isolation valves, about 15 miles apart, one on the Center Township side and one going towards Burgettstown. At about 5:52, that was shut off but it took time to burn the gas that was remaining in the lineout,” Center Township Police Chief Barry Kramer said.

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