Oil-enriched Iraq facing Protests over not even having Clean Drinking Water for Citizens

The oil-enriched Iraq has been in the several crises, whether it had been American invasion in 2003 or the recent ISIS control, up the latest, the countrymen are demonstrating for their basic necessities, as basic as clean drinking water and employments. The protestors are arranging sit-ins and are demonstrating against the ruling Shitte elites in various countries of Iraq, most specifically the Southern belt of the country.

Most notably, the people in Basra have shown their discontent with ruling elite and have even set violent protests to get their basic rights. It should be noted here that, Basra is the city responsible for about 80% of the oil export and the enraged protesters have even went on attempting to block the oil fields within the city.

As per the sources, those showing ire are the commoners who are not voicing against any specific political party; the only agenda they are keeping up is the solution of their long-standing issues. Out of which the most basic are clean drinking water, power shortage and unemployment. Moreover, the protesters have also asked to make sure the Iraqi-decision making remains within the hands of established government with no interference from the US and not even from Iran.

According to the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights, 16 protestors have been killed while the riots broke up between the security enforcement agencies and the protestors and hundred others have got injured.

On the other hand, according to the Basra’s governor Asaad al-Eidani, the foreign hands are behind these protests. “We’ve noticed Facebook pages inciting the demonstrators from the South of France,” Basra’s governor said.

The protests are not just limited to Basra, it has even made an outreach even to the holy cities like Najaf and Karbala.

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