Massachusetts Man Dies in Shark Attack at Cape Cod Beach

26-years old Massachusetts man was boogie-boarding at Cape Cod Beach when a giant eruption in water was observed in the water and some people also went on seeing the tail in water as well.  The victim, who is said to bear the shark attack, was given CPR in the first place and later taken to the hospital but succumbing to the injuries he got died. This incident became the state’s first shark attack fatality since 1936.

The deceased man, who was identified but wasn’t named, was busy boogie-boarding, a type of surfing on Saturday afternoon at Newcomb Hollow Beach while this deadly incident struck. The onlookers seem quite sure about this deadly incident being a shark attack. Following the giant eruption and waves in water, the man boogie-boarding was rescued from the water and was immediately given CPR. Not only this, some of the people around tried to make a tourniquet as well and some went on calling  911.

One of the eye-witnesses of the incident explains all this as the giant eruption in water. “Just a giant eruption of water. 15ft wide. I saw a tail and a lot of thrashing,” Joe Booth said.

“You could tell by the body language of the guys in the water something wasn’t right.”

Mr Booth also told that he was actually the person who went on shouting ‘shark!shark!’ for rescuing the swimmer. “It was like right out of that movie Jaws. This has turned into Amity Island real quick out here,” he further added.

Following the state’s first shark involving a fatality in the state since 1936, the officials have closed all the beaches in the town.


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