Malaysian Women caned for attempting Lesbian Sex, Spark Human Rights Outcry

The two Malaysian women arrested in April by Islamic enforcement officers were pleaded guilty of attempting Lesbian Sex last month and were sentenced to six public lashings, which is punishment given following the Islamic Sharia law. Up the latest, both the women said to be of age 22 and 32 were caned six times each on Monday. This case of homosexuality is the first of its kind in Malaysia.

It should be noted here that in various First world western countries there are certain LGBT rights and in some of them, same-sex marriage is also allowed. Contrary to that, Islamic countries are strongly against any such laws or rights.  The latest caning incident of women for attempting Lesbian sex very much falls under the teaching of Islamic Law, whereas it has sparked Human Rights outcry, who seems any such punishment wasn’t apt and violates ones’ basic rights as well.

It should be noted here that a light rattan cane was used for the lashing purpose by female prison officers at the Sharia High Court. Speaking in favour of that, Rahim Sinwan, deputy president of the Muslim Lawyers’ Association said that the punishment wasn’t harsh at all and what it was all intended was to educate them after they repent over it.

It will be pertinent to mention here that both the convicted women were arrested by Public Square in Terengganu, back in April by the Islamic enforcement officers.




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