Major Earthquakes: 8.2 Magnitude Hit Near Fiji, 6.3 Magnitude Jolts Indonesia’s Lombok Island Again

Narrowly a two weeks after a horrific earthquake, Indonesia’s Lombok Island is again jolted by the strong earthquake on Sunday. Lombok is one of the popular tourist destinations to get shaken by the earthquake this weekend as an earthquake of 8.2 magnitudes also hit near Fiji and Tonga Islands.

The natural disaster, a shallow 6.9 magnitude earthquake jolted the Lombok Island fortnight back, which turned out to be disastrous as it engulfed 476 lives and devastated thousands of homes.  The latest quake to hit the famous tourist spot measured 6.9 magnitudes plus a depth of 7.9km (4.9 miles). As per the reports coming so far, the latest quake push has caused the landslides in the area but any casualties in the area still remain unknown.

The reports coming in through various mediums tell that jolts of the latest earthquake were heavily felt in the east of the island, making the people of the area to rush to the streets.  With 14 days passing to the deadly earthquake in the area, it won’t be apt to call the latest earthquake as an aftershock. Such a strong magnitude earthquake resulted in land sliding at Mount Rinjani, as per the initial information coming in.

Talking about the other earthquake, which shook the nearby areas of Fiji and Tonga on this Sunday, is said to be a ‘Deep Focus’ earthquake, which usually results in less damage on the ground surface above. This can be further defined as it was the earthquake with magnitude 8.2 and depth 563.4 km, USGS reported. It will be pertinent to mention here that those earthquakes with focal depths greater than 300 kilometres are classified as Deep Focus Earthquakes. Taking about this Earthquake hitting the South Pacific islands belt, it was roughly 200 miles away from both Fiji and Tonga.

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