IWF World Championships 2018 Videos

IWF World Championships 2018 Videos

International Weightlifting Federation, collaborating with the Turkmenistan Weightlifting Federation, is hosting the IWF World Championships 2018 in the capital city Ashgabat from 1st to 10th November this year. Thousands of the best weightlifters around the globe will participate in this biggest and auspicious event. Fans are now expecting to witness some of the very best performances of weightlifting. Besides, they are also expecting several new world records to be created in this event.

The Martial Arts Arena of the Ashgabat Olympic Complex is hosting the main events of the IWF World Championships 2018. However, the opening and closing ceremony will take place in the main indoor arena of the complex. The International Weightlifting Federation has introduced 10 new men’s and women’s categories this year. And for that, the level of competition is expected to be much higher from the previous years.

IWF World Championships 2018 YouTube

Since the very beginning in 1891, the IWF World Championship has delivered several breathtaking performances and also became the prime witness of the many new world records. This year too is no exception as legendary weightlifters will push their limits to the very end to set new records.

We will throughout cover this much-awaited event of weightlifting and will upload the very best IWF World Championships 2018 videos here. But before that, here are some of the best moments of the IWF World Championships of all time.

Lasha Talakhadze’s Snatch Progression

Georgian legend and two-time World Champions Lasha Talakhadze proves why he is one of the gems of weightlifting in this video. He lifted 207 kg in the ‘Snatch’ event of the 2015 edition of the championship and defeated the second place holder by 17 kg. He then snatched 220 kg in the 2017 edition, a marvelous 13 kg increase in just two years.

The Clash of the Titans: Lasha vs. Behdad

Georgia’s Lasha Talakhadze and Iran’s Behdad Salimi came face to face in this epic battle in the ‘Snatch’ and ‘Clean & Jerk’ event at the IWF World Championships 2017. Behdad lifted 211 kg in the ‘Snatch’ event while Lasha defeated him by snatching a massive 220 kg. Behdad then lifted 252 kg in the ‘Clean & Jerk’ event which Lasha again defeated by lifting 257 kg.

Tatiana Kashirina: Lifter of the year 2013

Russian women’s weightlifting legend Tatiana Yuryevna Kashirina is a 4-times World champion and 7-times European champion. Besides, she also achieved the Olympic silver medal in 2012. In the +75 kg category, she holds the world record of 155 kg in the ‘Snatch’ event and also the 193 kg in the ‘Clean & Jerk’ event. She has marked an astonishing 348 kg in total while making her world records.

Lift the World: Documentary

IWF has presented this wonderful documentary about weightlifting in 2014. This film underlines the charisma and universality of weightlifting while presenting it through the eyes of world champions and legendary athletes having different characters. Dávid Spáh has directed this awesome documentary while several important personalities of weightlifting such as Tamás Aján, Mohamed Ben Amor, and Sam Coffa are featured in this film.

233 kg ‘Clean & Jerk’ World Record by Sohrab Moradi

Iranian weightlifter Sohrab Moradi has achieved the gold medal in the 94 kg category at the 2016 Summer Olympics. But, he did something unthinkable at the 2017 IWF World Championships. He lifted an astounding 233 kg in the ‘Clean & Jerk’ event besides lifting 184 kg in the ‘Snatch’ event. And by doing that, he had set a new world record in total with his 417 kg.

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