Its Been a Year Since Bijan Ghaisar was Shot By U.S Park Police; His Family still awaits Justice

Bijan C. Ghaisar was shot and killed by US Park Police on November 17, 2017.  The 25-year-old American was heded to his parents house in his Jeep Cherokee, When his car collided with an Uber. The Driver of the Uber alerted local police. Following the 911 call 25 year old Ghaisar was shot 5 times following a small chase on Washington Memorial Parkway in Northern Virginia.

Ghaisar was born in USA to Iranian Immigrants who migrated to USA 40 years ago. At the time of the incident Ghaisar was unarmed, US Park Police Officers fatally shot him four times in the head and once in the wrist.


As of November 2018; a full year after the horrific incident, American Federal Authorities have not released any official statements named the officers involved. A video of the shooting was released by Fairfax County Police earlier, who participated in the chase.

Ghiasar’s Family is still searching for justice but their efforts are to know avail. This raises great concern on the Policing systems of America. If one american citizen can be killed by mistake then there will be more to follow if this ciritcal issue is not addressed

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