Iran moves Ballistic Missiles to Iraq to Counterattack in case if its Attacked

Despite the sanctions and tensions, Iran has made foes restless with the latest report circulating that Iran has moved its Ballistic missile to Iraq, specifically to the Shiite proxies in the neighbouring country. The sources also suggest that Iran would also increase the missile move to Iraq and would also deploy them to deter the anti-Iran forces in the Middle East and their allies, which most notably also include the ‘mighty ‘ US.

If this report regarding ballistic missile move is true as it has quite weightage as it has been reported by the multiple sources including the Iranian and Iraqi media sources as well; it could increase the tensions amid Tehran and the US. And if that doesn’t reach a point of the solution it can even lead to more sanctions on Iran.

The current update coming would also make France, Germany and the UK look ‘lean’ as they were the countries trying to salvage the nuclear agreement despite the new US sanctions on Iran. What’s more worrying is this transportation of ballistic missile to Iran’s allies will also help them make such own missiles.

The Iranian military sources have suggested that ballistic missiles move to Iraq is to keep up ‘back up’ in case if they get attacked by the US or any other of their enemies in the Middle East. This decision of move is said to be finalized several months back and that could have been made in wake of the aerial strikes on Syria and pressure building against Tehran over supporting the Houthi Rebels.

On the other hand, if we talk about Iraq, days back violent protests were underway and people were asking for the basic necessities along with asking the government to neither be influenced by US nor Iran.

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