Hurricane Florence intensifies and moves toward East Coast; Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina on Alert!

Hurricane Florence is said to be just several days away from the landfall and what’s making it the point to ponder is on Monday this storm has intensified to an extent that it has got into categorized as Category 2 Hurricane. What’s even worrying to the situation is the Florence is slow but still on its way to the U.S. East Coast. All this happening has put Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina on Alert as there are greater chances of this hurricane to hit Carolinas’ some time in between Thursday and Friday.

The emergency imposed in the states which are likely to face the damage due to this hurricane has pushed people to the marts so they could get storage of the basic necessities. It should be noted here that as per the weather experts, the Hurricane Florence will soon intensify into the Category 3 and if it hits with the same intensity as it predicted to be then it would be the worst hurricane to hit Carolinas in last three decades.

According to the experts, water up to 15 feet is expected to hit the coast, on the other hand next 4 to 5 days in that particular area are said to have rainfall, which can even make the water stand around 20 inches in some locations.

With sustained winds of 105mph now, the hurricane is soon to get more intensified to make it Category 3 or even more between. It should be noted here that 111 and 129 mph is classified as category 3 hurricane, which can be life-threatening and devastating for the buildings and another system as well.

“There is an increased risk of life-threatening impacts from Florence: storm surge at the coast, freshwater flooding from a prolonged and exceptionally heavy rainfall event inland, and damaging hurricane-force winds,” the hurricane centre said.

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