Lidia Valentín and Ali Hashemi win gold medals

Hashemi and Valentín achieve their second successive IWF World Championship gold medals

Spanish weightlifter Lidia Valentín and Iranian weightlifter Ali Hashemi have claimed their 81 kg women’s gold and 102 kg men’s gold respectively in the IWF World Championship 2018 in Ashgabat, the capital city of Turkmenistan. Interestingly, both of them previously had also achieved the gold medals in the 2017 edition of the championship.

The winner of the 105 kg category at the IWF championships 2017, Ali Hashemi, secured the second place in the snatch event with 179 kg and secured the third place in the clean & jerk event with 217 kg, thus securing the top place overall with 396 kg in total. Ukraine’s Dmytro Chumak got the second place while Iran’s Reza Beiralvand secured the third place overall.

Ali Hashemi

Chumak has achieved the third place while lifting 176 kg in the snatch event and achieved the second place while lifting 217 kg in the clean & jerk event. On the other hand, Beiralvand lifted 175 kg in the snatch event and 217 kg in the clean & jerk event. However, Uzbekistan’s Akbar Djuraev has achieved the top place in the snatch event while lifting 180 kg.

Spain’s Lidia Valentín secured her gold medal in the women’s 81 kg category with 249 kg overall. She lifted 113 kg in the snatch event and also lifted 136 kg in the clean & jerk event. She has secured the top place in total, the top place in the snatch, and also the third place in the clean & jerk event of the IWF World Championships 2018 medal table. Interestingly, Lidia competed in the 81 kg category this year although she usually takes part in the 76 kg category.

Lidia Valentín

While talking about his success at the 2018 edition of the championship, Lidia Valentín stated “I had an injury in my shoulder and I didn’t want to be exhausted losing weight a few days before the competition,” and further added “My coach said it could even be for my benefit, and he was right.”

Belarusian weightlifter Darya Naumava achieved the second place overall with 245 kg in total and Ecuadorian weightlifter Tamara Yajaira Salazar Arce achieved the third place with 242 kg in total. Even after a great competition in the 81 kg category, all three podium finishers were failed to create a new world record.


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