International Monkey Day 2018, World Monkey Day 2018

Today The World Celebrates International Monkey Day 2018:A Day Dedicated to our Primate Cousins

Today the International community is celebrating the International Monkey Day 2018. The International Monkey Day is an unofficial international day dedicated to monkeys.It is celebrated on the 14th of December every year.

The day was created and promoted by artists Eric Millikin and Casey Sorrow back in the year 2000 when they were studying art at Michigan State university. The motive behind the creation of this dedicated day was to celebrate all thing ‘Simian‘ . The International Monkey Day celebrates all primate species.

Why Is World Monkey Day | International Monkey Day Celebrated ?

Monkeys are highly intelligent and absolutely adorable creatures. They have stayed a topic of interest for many zoologists because of their diverse species and characteristics. Unfortunately, there are some primate species that are on the brink of extinction. The International Monkey Day was design to raise awareness on all primates other than humans.

World Monkey Day | International Monkey Day History:

In the year 2000, art student Casey Sorrow wrote Monkey Day on a Friends calendar as a joke but ended up observing the holiday with fellow MSU students. The Day became internationally acknowledged after Casey Sorrow collaborated with some MSU students  and featured the holiday on the Fetus-X Comic Strip.Sorrow’s concept gained global acclaim and since then International Monkey Day is celebrated on the 14th of December every year to raise awareness on all non human primates.

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Casey Sorrow; The creator of International Monkey Day

Sorrow is still a great protagonist of the Monkey Day concept and consistently contributes to the cause of Primate Welfare. His blog “Monkeys in the News” focuses on discussing primate relates issues and news from around the world.

How is World Monkey Day | International Monkey Day Celebrated?

You could donate to causes that work for the welfare of primates. Or you could gather your neighborhood kids and plan some fun events that also educate the children on the cause of protection and welfare of Monkeys.Events on organizational levels raise funds for the welfare of primates. So this year get into your monkey spirit and do your bit to raise awareness on our primate cousins.

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