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No Shave November is a web-based non-profit organization that currently works to grow the cancer awareness in the world. Besides, it also raises funds to support several cancer researches, prevention, and education. During the whole month of November, the organization works with the motto ‘Stop shaving and start fundraising!’, and that is where the campaign got its name from.

The ‘Movember’ campaign is also quite similar to the ‘No-Shave November’. The only difference is that you can shave everything but the mustache in the entire month of November. Few young fellas in Melbourne first coined the term way back in 1999. Then, the Movember Foundation was established in 2004 and they started working to raise the awareness of prostate and testicular cancers. The foundation calls everyone to grow their mustaches freely throughout November and also start raising money for the health awareness of men.

As per the No Shave November wiki facts, the fundraiser raised $40,000 in its first year and grew into $126.3 million in 2011. It also created buzz on that year after 854,288 from more than 15 different countries registered their names to the foundation and took the oath of growing their mustaches throughout the month of November. The Movember Foundation donates the raised amount to several organizations working for men’s health, such as the Livestrong Foundation, a brainchild of the legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong.

The US Director of the Movember Foundation, Mark Hedstrom, while talking about the campaign has said “We are all about the mustache and only the mustache,” and added “What we’re asking them to do is participate by changing their appearance. What that fosters is a conversation.”

No Shave November Meaning

The ‘No-Shave November’ was actually founded on Facebook in 2009. However, it has marked its partnership with the American Cancer Society in 2013. The main project was actually the initiative of eight young guys from Chicago as their father, Matthew Hill, passed away in November 2007 after a long fight with colon cancer. According to the No-Shave November’s website, ‘Nearly everyone spends some amount of his or her hard-earned money on grooming, whether that’s shaving, waxing, trimming or threading’.

The foundation also states that the “Participants in No-Shave November have always been willing to ditch their razors and, more recently, donate to cancer-fighting foundations. But what started as an easy way for a few followers on Facebook to donate their hard-earned money has turned into a nationwide celebration. Every November for the past six years, these No-Shavers have donated the cost of grooming (from a few dollars on razors to $100 on a salon visit) and helped our organization raise over $2 million dollars to date.”

No Shave November Awareness

The main goal of the ‘No-Shave November’ campaign is to grow the cancer awareness by showing affection to hair, as many patients lose it during their therapy. The campaign also calls to let the hair grow wild and free. The organization asks everyone to stop shaving and grooming in November, and to donate that money we typically spend on that. By donating that amount, anyone can be a part of cancer prevention and awareness program. Besides, it also helps to aid those who are fighting the hard-long battle against cancer. So, forget shaving and start saving lives.

No Shave November Campaign

The No Shave November foundation is now raising money for the cancer awareness and prevention programs like each year. They are mainly working with three organizations this year: The Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The raised amount will be donated to these organizations for the betterment of cancer patients and also aid the research of the cancer medicines and treatments.

The Prevent Cancer Foundation is the only nonprofit organization in the US that focuses solely on cancer prevention and early detection. Since its founding year of 1985, the organization works for cancer prevention through “research, education, outreach, and advocacy.” It also works for a great strategy which they call “Stop Cancer Before It Starts!” For more details regarding the organization and their campaigns, feel free to visit their official website.

Colon and rectal cancers are the second most common causes of cancer deaths in the US. And, the Fight Colorectal Cancer [Fight CRC] now works for the advocacy and research solely of that deadly disease. The organization approves grants to scientists those are working for the prevention and cure of colorectal cancer. To know more about how they work, feel free to visit the official website of Fight CRC.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, is the world leader of understanding, treating, and defeating childhood cancers. The hospital now has the “world’s best survival rates for some of the most aggressive forms of childhood cancer,” and for that, doctors around the globe refer their most critical cases to St. Jude. The hospital also gives a reason to smile as the “Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food.” Visit the official website of the hospital to know more about their programs.

No Shave November Facts

Interestingly enough, the earliest records of similar concept of ‘No Shave November’ literally dates back to ancient Greece. However, there was no existence of the month of November at that time. As per the story goes, the guardians of ancient Greece had spent thirty days imitating their main deities such as Zeus in order to enhance their abilities and skills. Aristotle, one of the greatest philosopher and scientists of ancient Greece, then expanded this ritual while incorporating the growing beards as a part of the ethics practice.

Besides growing the beard for the cancer campaign or even for a new look, it actually has health benefits as the beard is a great ‘natural toxin filter’. It keeps dust and pollens to get into the lungs. Moreover, the ‘No Shave November’ campaign has another great use other than the fundraising. As November is a cold month in most part of the globe, the beard can act as a natural scarf for the face and neck. Besides, long bread can be a great tool for sun protection.

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