No Shave November Fundraising Ideas 2019

by Oendrila De
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The No Shave November foundation now encourages all men to sport a beard and moustache to show support to their campaign. The motif of this event is to raise funds for cancer prevention and researches besides spreading the awareness regarding men’s health. Since 2009, the foundation has successfully hosted the campaign worldwide, and millions of participants and supporters let their beards and moustaches grow free and wild, for a noble cause. The main idea of this campaign is to donate the amount we usually spend on shaving.

And, this year too they are encouraging people to take part in the campaign which works towards a noble cause. You can take part in the campaign or even raise funds from your friends and family for this year’s ‘No Shave November’ event. And, here are some of the best No Shave November fundraising ideas. But before that, don’t forget to Sign up for No Shave November campaign.

1. ‘No Shave’ Themed Fundraising Party

A colorful theme party is the handiest fundraising idea for any noble cause. Besides, it can be extremely helpful to raise money besides spreading awareness if done in the right manner. So don’t hesitate to organize a ‘No Shave’ theme party and spread the awareness against cancer. And for the fundraising, you can charge a few bucks at the door as the entry fee. Moreover, you can give a discount on the entry to make it more attractive, like, a guest in themed costume needs to pay just 2$ rather than 5$ entry for the normal clothes.

You can also sell ‘No Shave November’ themed items to raise extra money. Besides, selling posters and party bangles can also be great No Shave November fundraising ideas. Don’t forget to promote your theme party on Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. And, also encourage your family and friends to invite as many people as they can for this noble cause.

2. Host a “Shave the Date” kickoff party

Hosting a “Shave the Date” kickoff party can be one of the best No Shave November ideas for quick fundraising and also spread awareness. You can arrange the kickoff party where every participant of the ‘No Shave November’ campaign in your circle need to shave their faces and start growing the beards for this noble cause. You can also kick off your fundraising campaign as all the guests are already aware of the reason they are attending the party for.

Besides, a party can be a great place to ask for donations in person. Don’t forget to include all your friends and relatives even if they are not growing their beards. Because they can also donate for the cause without sporting a beard or moustache. You can also arrange the party at your nearest barbershop to make it more appealing.

3. Organize the “Best Beard” Contest

Organize a “Best Beard” contest in your house or even at your workplace. Print some flyers to let everyone know the party date and also the cause behind it. Besides, write some motivational things about the ‘No Shave November’ campaign and encourage everyone to grow beards. Organizing the contest for a well-groomed bread and moustache can be among the best No Shave November ideas.

Besides, you can also create your own rules for the “Best Beard” contest like a minimum $10 donation as the entry fee. You can also encourage anyone unable to take part in your contest to participate online. They just need to post a picture on your Facebook event page and Walla, it’s done. You can make a ‘No Shave November’ printed t-shirt or wristband the winning gift of the contest.

4. The “Best Moustache” Contest

Same like the best beard contest, best moustache contest can also be a great idea for your ‘No Shave November’ fundraising. You can also category wise divide the contest, like a separate event for a trimmed moustache besides the regular one. You can also add a small entry fee to the contest which will go straight to the No-Shave November foundation.

Besides, you can also add a side quest such as the top 5 participants need to gather as much donation as possible from their own family and friend circle. And, the participant whose campaign raised the most money for this noble cause will get another gift besides the winning prize. As wise people say, two gifts are always better than one.

5. Print some T-Shirts

We all know that selling printed t-shirts are one of the classic methods of fundraising as it always works for all charitable causes. Besides supporting a noble effort, who doesn’t love to wear a comfortable and trendy t-shirt? Moreover, we also know that t-shirts having cool quotes on them are now an in-thing for the generation Y. So print some tees and sell those to your friends and collogues. And, don’t forget to tell the cause of your fundraising to spread further awareness about the campaign.

Besides selling to your friends and family, you can also partner with any online shops to get more customers thus accumulating more donations for your noble cause. Design a funky online fundraising page with your t-shirt photos on them. And, don’t hesitate to promote your campaign on social platforms. You can also accept additional donations besides the regular t-shirt price.

6. Host a Sing-a-thon

Do you have any songbird among your family or friends? Do you know anyone in your network of peers who have a great voice and love to sing? If yes then host a Sing-a-thon in your house or in your regular hangout place and make a good use of your friend’s talent for a quick fundraising for the No Shave November campaign.

Like other party ideas, you can also charge a small admission fee for your own sing-a-thon contest. And, make it more attractive while clubbing it with your themed party which we discussed earlier. Besides, you can also arrange a request system in your sing-a-thon where anyone can request a particular song of their choice by donating a few bucks for your cause. A musically-enhanced campaign can definitely be among the coolest No Shave November fundraiser.

7. Host a Fundraising Walk

Many NGOs and charitable groups often organize marathon and walkathon to raise funds and also to spread awareness, especially for medical causes. And it’s high time for you to organize your own walkathon to gather donation for the No Shave November campaign. You can set up a community walk or a small run to gather support for the campaign and also to spread cancer awareness.

Ask all your friends, collogues, and family members to take part in your walkathon. Besides, you can also use flyers to gather more participants from your neighborhood. Charge a small entry fee and sell merchandises like printed t-shirts and ‘No Shave November’ posters.

8. Host a Backyard Barbeque

We all love a great barbecue. The delightful smell of ribs, turkeys, and veggies in the barbeque definitely goes well with any social gathering. So take advantage of it and host a backyard Barbecue party for your friends and family. You just need to advertise your campaign through flyers and posters in your party place to spread the awareness and also to raise funds for the campaigns.

You can also arrange some exciting No Shave November games to make the barbeque party even more engaging. You can either charge a small party fee or can just place a donation jar in the table. And make sure to explain your cause for the fundraising to the guests.

9. Kids’ Face Painting Event

You can also encourage kids of your local community to take part in the ‘No Shave November’ campaign in a different way. You just need to set up a face-painting booth for the kids to raise money for this noble cause. Besides, you can also invite their parents which will further increase the chance of donations and will also help to spread awareness.

But, make sure the paint is safe for the child and have lots of interesting designs and motifs to attract the kids to your painting booth. Besides, you can also use some space of the booth to advertise the ‘No Shave November’ campaign. You just to need to charge a small fee for the painting or can place a donation jar in the booth to raise funds.

10. Viral Video Fundraiser

Everyone remembers the popularity and impact of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Besides, the Mocars video campaign by the Movember Foundation also created a great sensation in social platforms and media. The ice bucket challenge alone helped the ALS foundation to raise more than $15 million during their campaign. So, you can also create a similar campaign for your own noble cause and to promote the ‘No Shave November’ campaign this year.

Pick an attractive challenge or task which anyone can easily accomplish and do it yourself first, and then upload it to social media while tagging your friends and colleagues. Encourage them to take the challenge and let them share the video online. You can also share their videos with the link of your online donation form.

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