No Shave November Beard Styles

No Shave November Beard Styles

No Shave November is a great campaign for those who want to have a trendy beard besides supporting a noble cause. You can donate the money you usually spend on shaving your beard to the No Shave November foundation which will use that amount to cancer prevention and medicine researches.

No Shave November before and after looks can give you a perfect satisfaction if done right. Have a trendy looking beard and mix it with some fashionable accessories like a No Shave November bracelet to complete your look. And, here are some of the coolest No Shave November beard styles you can have this year.

Long Stubble

Long Stubble Beard Style

The beard having long stubble style typically measures around 6 mm. It is quite a challenging job to maintain this style if you compare it to short stables. It requires regular trimming in proper length to get rid of any kind of stray hairs that look a little dull while sporting this style. Besides, you also need to shave the border properly to get a cleaner look, especially above Adam’s apple.

It is right now one of the most popular and common No Shave November styles you can have this year. Don’t shave the beard for 1-2 weeks and then trim it down to 6 mm in a manner where it looks more like a shadow on the lower segment of your face. But, do ensure to regular shave and trip to maintain a sharp look.

Full Beard

Full Beard Beard Style

The full beard style is definitely among the manliest beard fashion of all time. A fully grown well-groomed beard can highlight your facial features thus making it much more attractive than with the regular beard styles. It is one of the trendiest beard styles of 2018 and goes extremely well with triangle and diamond-shaped faces. Men having other facial shapes can also sport this cool style.

You just need to allow the beard to grow for 1-2 weeks to develop long stubble and then shave the borders carefully with a razor to shape it in a proper manner. And then let it grow for 5-6 weeks to get the full beard style. You can also trim the edges to get a cleaner look. Moreover, it is also easy to maintain this style as you just need a little trimming in a few-week gap.


Bandholz Beard Style

Eric Bandholz, the founder-owner of the Beardbrand, made the Bandholz beard style popular among the young generations. He falls in love with this beard style and eventually gets deeply involved with the beard business. It is one of the most fashionable beard styles you can sport this year, although it requires a great amount of patience.

You need to let the beard grow for four months and you do need a lot of patience for that. Your beard may look a little unkempt during the initial months, but hold on, let it grow for the maximum achievable length. After 7-8 months, start trimming and shaping it to organize that unkempt look. However, you can also even keep it as it is. It is all about the personal preferences, you know!

Van Dyke

Van Dyke Beard Style

Seventeenth-century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke first made this beard style popular. And right now, it is definitely one of the coolest No Shave November beard styles of 2018. It is not actually a unique style but a combination of mustache and goatee. But, it does need come precision styling too. You first need to grow your beard in a good length and then shape it with a razor.

After keeping the whole beard for a month, shave your cheek, sideburns, and neck. Use a razor and a scissor to shape the beard of your chin portion like an inverted ‘T’. And then, let it grow for another 1-2 months until it reached around two inches in length. Trim it carefully to get the desired V shape of your long-goatee, and you are done. Ahem, you are the new Pearse Brosnan.


Garibaldi Beard Style

If you are not comfortable with the Bandholz style but likes to have a long beard, then Garibaldi style is definitely for you. It is quite shorter and sharper compared to the classic Bandholz but can highlight the facial features. But, it does need regular trimming to maintain a proper and cleaner look. So, you definitely need to care for your beard if you want to have Garibaldi style.

Let your beard grow wild and free for around four months and then trim the bottom to give your beard a nice round shape. You also need to maintain your moustache length shorter and tidy, and focus on your beard instead. This style is so natural that it doesn’t even need any styling equipment or wax.


Balbo Beard Style

The Balbo is one of the most common beard styles men are having these days. Hollywood heartthrob Robert Downey Jr. first made this beard style popular among generation Y as he sported this style for many years. And without any doubt, this look suits him tremendously well. You can also get this style with utmost ease. Let your beard grow for around a month as you will need sufficient length to shape it in this style.

Besides beard, you also need to grow your moustache for a good length. After having the right length of beard and moustache, start sculpting them with a sharp razor. An electric razor can also do quite well as you need to take off the side hairs. Trim it and shave the borders regularly to have a sharp look and you are done.

Edgy Elegance

Edgy Elegance Beard Style

The edgy elegant style is only for those people who are not afraid to have a manly beard. This unconventional style maybe not appropriate for men wanting a corporate look but perfect for those who love to flaunt their full-grown beard. This style gives your beard a fuller yet longer look and will definitely enhance your facial features.

It is actually a combination of slicked back coif and a full beard to give you a distinct look this November. Grow your beard and moustache for a few months to have a nice length and then trim the edges to get rid of stray hairs. And then, use some wax to curl the ends of your moustache. You are done, mate!


Scruff Beard Style

Also known as medium stubble, scruff is the beard style which anyone can wear with absolute confidence. You really don’t need to worry about the texture and density of your beard to sport this beard style. This style will definitely sharpen your facial features and will highlight your cheekbones to give you a much sharper look. Besides, it goes really well with formal shirts.

Just let your beard grow for around three days and then trim the edges of the hair. You can also trim you cheek lines and necklines to have a more ‘Wall Street’ kind of look. But, you can also have a scruffier look if you let them grow naturally around the edges without having any distinct borderlines.

Mutton Chops

Mutton Chops Beard Style

The ‘Mutton Chops’ is actually a fancy name of extremely long sideburns. It demands the sideburns be extended down till the corners of your mouth. Wolverine is the one who made this style absolutely popular among the 80s and 90s kid. And needless to say, Hugh Jackman sported this style like a gem in the X-Men and Wolverine movie series.

You should let your sideburns to grow till the corners of your mouth freely. Then terminate a part of your sideburns while creating an imaginary line which defines both the corners of your mouth. You also need to clearly define the bottom edge of the sideburns and also the edge of your jawline. You can also grow your moustache a little longer than usual to have a bolder look.


Goatee Beard Style

The goatee is maybe the oldest trendy beard style men started to admire since ancient days. Pan, the half-man-half-goat Greek god is the first ambassador of the goatee style and is also popular for his love for music and nature. Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp are also the brand ambassadors of the goatee style in modern days. Needless to say, this beard style gives a bit raffish and devilish look to anyone sporting it.

It is absolutely easy to have and also perfectly suitable for anyone unable to have a fully grown beard. For those having a patchy or uneven growth, this style can be an absolute winner. Besides, this style goes absolutely well with almost any kind of facial shapes, let it be round, square or oval.

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