No Shave November Benefits

Most Amazing No Shave November Benefits Nobody Will Tell You About

Men all over the world participate in the No Shave November campaign and donate the money they would supposedly spend on the grooming of their beard to different charities that work for the awareness and research of cancer in men. The campaign has already raised more than $2 million in the last couple of years to help fund the study and advancement of cancer programs. But, that is not all, and here are some of the other essential No Shave November benefits.

No Shave November Social Benefits

Social Help

The money that you will donate to the No Shave November Foundation will actually go to three organisations that work to prevent cancer and for the progress of cancer treatments. The foundation will give the collected amount to The Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Toxin Filter

A long beard is actually excellent as a natural toxin filter. Small particles like dust and pollens get stuck in the beard. Those could otherwise get into your lungs to cause damages and allergies. And, if you are suffering from breathing-related health issues such as asthma or allergies, keeping a beard can help you to filter out toxins by naturally separating them before they can enter your system.

Avoids Bacterial Infection

You actually expose your skin to bacterial infections when you shave. Besides, infections can also spread through a not-so-clean razor. So, by keeping a beard, you are not only hiding the blemishes but are actually preventing them from growing, in the first place. Moreover, repeated shaving around sensitive areas such as at the neckline could actually irritate your skin.

No Shave November Health Benefits

Natural Moisturiser and Warmer

A long beard can act as a natural scarf. And, the fall-winter period of November is the perfect time to sport a beard. It will shield the sensitive skin of your face from cold, thus avoiding the dry skin problems. Moreover, your skin will also stay moisturised by the natural oils in the beard. Besides, you can also reduce the chance of catching a cold as a long beard will also act as a protector of your neck.

Sun Guard

According to the recent research by Alfio Parisi, an Australian professor of radiation physics, your beard can protect your face from 95% of harmful ultraviolet rays. However, you do need to apply sunscreen to get complete protection from the UV rays. But, you can definitely add another shield of protection from sun damages by sporting a long beard.

Time Saver

According to a recent study by Boston University, a man typically spends around 3350 hours for just grooming his beard during his lifetime if he starts shaving from 15 years of age. That makes 139 full working days out of which you can easily save a bit by shaving in long intervals.

Now that you know the benefits of observing the No Shave November, go ahead and rock a beard. Don’t forget to encourage others to do the same.

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