International Mountain Day 2018;Mountains Matter | The World Cherishes its Beautiful Mountains

by Sarmad Masood
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International Mountain Day 2018

The International Mountain Day has been celebrated each year for the past 15 years. The event is celebrated every year on 11th December. Similarly, today we are celebrating the International Mountain Day 2018 to show our appreciation for these majestic creations of nature.International Mountain Day 2018 is meant to raise awareness of mountain communities across the world

What is International Mountain Day?

The International Mountain Day is an event that has been designated by the United Nations Assembly to shed light on the Importance of Mountains, mountain development and the mountain communities that thrive around the globe.

The international community celebrates this day each year by holding different events to discuss the importance of mountains.

When is International Mountain Day Celebrated ?

The International Mountain day is celebrated on December 11 every year.The day was first designated by the UN in 2003 and has since been taking place for the last 15 years.

What is the theme for International Mountain Day 2018?

The International Mountain Day 2018 has been themed #MountainsMatter.

Why is International Mountain Day Celebrated?

According to statistics around 1 Billion people reside in mountainous areas around the world. And almost half of the earths population relies on mountains for food, water and energy.

Climatic Changes pose a significant threat to mountains and subjects them to environmental factors such as land degradation, erosion etc. These factors directly affect the mountain communities round the world.

With environmental and political changes lurking on the head of communities, and the International Mountain Day is aimed at raising awareness on these issues.

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