Christmas Tree Shortage Across America : Wisconsin Comes to the Rescue

OREGON (WKOW) – Christmas Tree Farms in Wisconsinsuch as Hann’s Christmas farm in Oregon stayed packed with families throughout novemeber and december each year.

According to Greg Haan the owner of Haan’s Christmas Tree Farms the  overall production of quantity of Christmas Trees has decreased across the United States. Especially after the recent wild fires which resulted in the destruction of acres upon acres of healthy trees.

The Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association states that Wisconsin is the 5th largest grower of Christmas Trees in America. and because of the unusually wet weather this year , Wisconsin is enjoying its finest tree yields ever.

Plus, due to our exceptionally wet weather this year, Haan said Wisconsin is having one of its best tree seasons in years. He said it’s also thanks, in part, to this region’s sloping hills.

“It really likes that water because the water just drains away and the trees just take what they need,” Gregg Haan

Haan added that other Wisconsin farms have also been seeing better yields lately and they may be able to provide enough Christmas Trees for the whole of the US.

People from around the state have been flocking up to Wisconsin to find their prized Christmas Tree. Haan said that it means the world to Wisconsin Christmas Tree farmers that people buy their products and take them home.


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