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Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenagers | Best Gifts for Teenage Girls and Teenage Guys

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenagers | Best Gifts for Teenage Girls and Teenage Guys

It’s never easy buying something for a teenager. Let’s face it – no matter how cool you are, you’ll never be as updated about current trends as they are, with their influencers doing something new every day. But Christmas is knocking on the door, and it’s time to buy gifts. Picking the right gift for a teenager is more than a thoughtful gesture during the festive season. It’s about letting them know that you’re cool enough for them to recognize that they are related to you, in public. But, how do you do that? Before all gifts fly off the shelves choose the right ones for the teenager in your life.

Best Gifts for Teenage Girls and Teenage Guys for Christmas 2018

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

Who doesn’t want to take photos? And, when you talk about teens, they just love it. So, gift your favorite teenager this amazing Polaroid camera this Christmas and win their heart. The Instax Mini 9 from the house of Fujifilm comes with the automatic exposure measurement which helps to take the perfect picture each time. It delivers 62mm x 46 mm color photos instantly that can be stored for a long time without any distortion.

Comes in five different color variants (Cobalt Blue, Ice Blue, Flamingo Pink, Lime Green, and Smokey White), this Polaroid camera features the newly improved macro lens adapter for close-up photos. It also comes with a selfie mirror to take great selfies each time you want. And, the $56.00 price tag for this amazing camera is quite a grand bargain in this Christmas, indeed.

SonicFuel Wireless On-Ear Headphones

We all have a love for music. And, if you gift your teen siblings or friends an audio accessory, without any doubt they are going to like it. So, don’t think much and buy this Audio-Technica ATH-AR3BTBK SonicFuel headset that assures 30-hour playing time and 1000-hours standby time. It delivers crystal clear sound with powerful but detailed bass to enhance the overall music experience. Besides, it comes with a mic and volume control so that you can operate it easily without any hassle.

This headphone supports AAC codecs and aptX for wireless transmission seamlessly. Besides, it is foldable which saves space and also ensure its portability. Moreover, the adjustable earpads and padded headband take care of the comfort factor, even while using it for an extended period of time. Comes in two different color option (Black and White), this $99.00 headphone is one of the best in the market.

Smartphone Projector

Gift your best teen a cool gadget this Christmas that comes with real usability besides being funky. The Smartphone Projector 2.0 by Luckies of London is made from cardboard and has a premium quality glass lens which instantly magnifies the smartphone screen upto eight times. Phones up to the size of 5.7 inches x 3.2 inches can easily fit inside the projector and everyone can enjoy this readily assembled product.

You just need to turn the smartphone brightness to 100% and project into a white smooth surface to enjoy the full theater-like experience in a dark room. Comes in a unique retro design, this projector is absolutely lightweight which assures its portability. Besides, the price tag of $30.17 makes it a perfect budget-friendly choice for this Christmas.

Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

We all love Harry Potter and will love him ‘Always’. And, to get your teenage siblings or friends in your league, gift them this amazing Harry Potter coding kit this Christmas. It comes with a wand, PCB with LED, step-by-step guidebook, posters, stickers, and a really cool Kano app which ensures a full Harry Potter experience. It connects with almost every smartphone and tablet, and you can make feathers fly, fire flow, goblets multiply, fruits grow, and many other magic.

You can create magical creatures, spells, wizarding artifacts, music, and many more with the help of this amazing kit. You just need to wave the wand and you’ll see the instant effects on the connected screen. Besides, it comes with a lifetime care promise along with a 1-year full warranty to ensure the longevity of the product. Moreover, the $99.99 price tag makes it a great budget-friendly choice as a cool-tech item.

Bubble pop iPhone case

Who doesn’t like to pop bubble wraps? And, don’t you think you can make someone really happy if you can gift them an endless supply of bubble wraps to pop? Buy this amazing bubble pop iPhone case for your favorite teen this Christmas and let them have fun. Comes in three different color variants (Black, White, and Rose), this mobile is compatible with iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 8 plus.

Made of premium-quality silicone material, this case is absolutely durable and amazingly lightweight but ensures complete protection of the phone. You can pop and re-pop all the bubbles in the back cover for over and over again when you are bored and want to have childish fun. Besides, the $11.99 price tag for this funny but innovative item makes it a great choice as a gift for this Christmas.

Tactical Fanny Packs (Set of two)

Waist fanny packs are great as they come absolutely handy in outings and during travel. And, you can gift this Silla-Tech Tactical waist fanny packs to your teen friend or sibling this Christmas. This is actually a pack of two with a 3-compartment smaller pack and a multi-pocket bigger pack. The smaller pack is suitable for casual works while the bulky one is absolutely perfect for more heavy-duty things like hiking and climbing.

Both the fanny packs come with adjustable straps which makes it suitable for everyone. Made with premium quality canvas and high-density 900D nylon fabric, these fanny packs are extremely durable. Besides, they are also waterproof to make them fit for any kind of outdoor activity. Moreover, the $24.97 price tag, that too for a set of two, is really an affordable choice to go with.

LED Light Box

If you really want to see any teen happy then gift the Cinema LED light box by Northpoint this Christmas 2018. This amazing lightbox comes with 109 letters, symbols, and numbers which you can easily slide as per your desired message to display in your room. It can be light up directly by the USB connector or you can also use 6 pieces of AA batteries. It also comes with an 8-hour auto power-off function to save the battery life.

Made of premium quality acrylic material, this lightbox has built-in LED light strip which ensures brighter display. Besides, it also has storage inside to keep the unused letters and numbers safe. It can be used to light up the mood of any parties and everyone surely going to love it. And, the price tag of $14.95 makes it an absolutely affordable choice as a gift for this Christmas.

Stick-on Wallet Card Holder (Set of two)

Purse or wallet is quite backdated and old-school, so now, you can totally amaze your teenage siblings or relatives by gifting this amazing stick-on wallet card holder from the house of Cardly. This card holder can easily stick to smartphones and is compatible with major brands. You can carry your cards in the back pocket of this holder and can also carry keys or cash in the front pocket. Besides, the patented 3M adhesive is super-performing and leaves no residue in the back of your phone.

Comes in four variants (Pineapple & Palm, Orange & Blue, Aztec, and Floral), this stick-on wallet has the space for up to four credit cards in the back pocket. Besides, the stretchy yet sturdy material also ensures the longevity of the product. Moreover, the price tag of just $8.99, that too for a set of two, makes it an absolute grand bargain.

Kate Somerville Acne Treatment

More than 85% of teens face this very common skin problem called acne or pimples. And for that, they often suffer from low self-confidence. So, you can gift them this unique product this Christmas which will help them to have an acne-free glowing skin. The EradiKate acne treatment has the highest content of sulfur that fights existing acne and also prevents future breakouts. Besides, it contains Zinc Oxide that naturally absorbs excess sebum from the skin.

The active Beta-Hydroxy Acids in this acne treatment takes care of the large pores and reduce blemishes.  Specially developed by Hollywood esthetician Kate Somerville, this acne treatment is necessary to get rid of any kind of acne related problems. The price tag of $26.00 for 1 Fl. Oz. bottle of this product also makes it an amazing gifting choice for this Christmas.

Universal Cable Bite

Let’s color up the mobile phones with these cute looking universal cable bites. These amazing pieces secure and protect the charging cable of the smartphones and also extend the life of the charging accessory. This pack contains 12 amazing shapes (Dog, Cat, Tiger, Panda, Rabbit, Hippo, Polar Bear, Hedgehog, squirrel, turtle, Elephant, and whale) of cable protectors that take care of your charging cords.

It is compatible with all the 8mm-width charging cables of major smartphone brands. Besides, you can also use it to secure other accessories like your iPod charger. This product also comes with a global shipping option. Moreover, you can buy this amazing item for just $15.99, and without any doubt, any teenager is going to love it.

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