Best Surprise Gifts on Christmas | Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

As we inch closer to Christmas, we now have to start worrying about gifts. The hardest picks are always for family members, who deserve to know that you have put some thought into the gift that you have purchased for them. And what’s Christmas if you can’t surprise the most precious people in your life with gifts that they will love? But, it’s hard picking the right gifts for your family members. Don’t worry, we have put together a list of the most perfect gifts for your family this Christmas. We are sure that these gifts will surprise your loved ones.

Best surprise gifts for Christmas | Last minute Christmas gift ideas for Christmas 2018

Kindle E-reader

This all-new Kindle e-reader is the new way of reading books in the twenty-first century. The innovative new design is extremely lightweight and is much thinner than the previous editions. You can now also enjoy audiobook due to its pre-installed Audible. Just connect your Bluetooth speakers or plug your headphone to enjoy audiobooks. Besides, the touchscreen display feels like real paper which is absolutely easy on the eyes.

Comes in two different color variants (Black and White), this device has no screen glare and can be easily read even in bright daylight. Besides, it has 4GB inbuilt storage capacity so that you don’t need to worry about your favorite books while traveling. Moreover, the $79.99 price tag makes it the most affordable e-book reader available on the market this year.

Fast Charging Car Mount

This one-touch fast charge device charges your phone 40% faster than the regular wireless chargers. So, if you want to gift something really useful this Christmas then buy him/her this innovative fast charging car mount from iOttie. This device is compatible with iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 series, S7 series, and any other wireless charging compatible smartphone. Besides, it comes with a telescopic arm that extends between 4.9 inches and 8.3 inches to provide a better viewing angle.

This device also comes with an extra USB port, so that you can charge normal phones besides your smartphones having wireless charging feature. The dashboard mount assembly is sturdy and assures long-term usability. Besides, the $49.94 price tag for this unique item makes it a perfect last-minute gift for Christmas 2018.

Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones

If you want to buy a gift for any music fanatic then don’t hesitate to purchase this triple driver in-ear earphones from the house of 1More. This earphone comes with two balanced armatures and a dynamic driver that provides loud and crystal clear sound experience. It is tuned by the Grammy award-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi which further ensures the quality of the product. It comes with 9 sets of ear tips that ensure proper fit for any ear-canal size.

This earphone comes with an in-line remote control that assures ease of operation. Besides, the MEMS microphone is also state-of-the-art which ensures flawless voice clarity and unbeatable calling experience. This device comes in two color variants (Gold and Silver) and in just $59.99 price that makes it a great gift for this Christmas.

Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Long-time computer or smartphone users often face a severe headache and eye pains, all due to the harmful blue light that emits from our gadgets with bright screens. And in the long run, it severely damages our eyes. But, this year you can secure the precious eyes of your loved one by gifting him/her this innovative optics blue light blocking glasses this Christmas. This device efficiently blocks upto 86% of the harmful blue light and is anti-fatigue and anti-headache.

The lenses are manufactured in Germany and are extremely sturdy which assures the longevity of the product. Besides, this eyeglass weighs just 20 grams that ensures no pressure even while using it for a prolonged period. Moreover, the $35.90 price tag for this really useful item makes it a perfect gift choice for this Christmas.

Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs

If you want to gift something really unique but extremely useful to any pet-lover then gift this innovative interactive ball launcher this Christmas. Specially designed to be mini-dogs friendly, this kit comes with three tennis balls (diameter: 1.6 inches), and your pet can play with it to their hearts’ content. You can also adjust the launching distance (10/20/30 feet) with just a touch of the button that assures the easy functionality of the product.

Owned by the Hamill family of Texas, IFetch Company itself has a long experience in the pet-toys industry that assures the quality of the product. Besides, it comes with a one-year hassle-free warranty to provide a great buying experience. Without any doubt, $97.69 price for this innovative product is a grand bargain indeed.

R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid

R2-D2 once said in the star wars that “bleep bloop boop beep beep” which melts all our hearts. Okay, jokes apart! But you can really make any star wars fans happy this Christmas by gifting this unique all-enabled R2-D2 droid. This droid comes with authentic movements and can go to tripod from bipod stance in a second. Besides, it can also trigger the emotive waddles. This droid comes with an integrated speaker and front LEDs that make it much more realistic.

You can design your R2-D2 and its character-specific commands with the help of Sphero Edu app. This droid also comes with holographic simulation so that anyone can explore the star wars galaxy and all its iconic ships. Needless to say, the $54.19 price tag for this brilliant item makes it a perfect gift for any fans this Christmas.

Juice Extractor

You can assure your loved one to have a healthy life by gifting this juice extractor this Christmas. This heavy-duty juicer provides maximum extraction due to its 700-watt motor which can operate at upto 14,000 RPM. Made of the industrial-grade polymer body and premium quality stainless steel blade, this juice extractor features a 3-inch feeding tube. Besides, it has a micro mesh filter that extracts 30% more juices and can keep 40% more vitamins than the regular juicers.

Comes with a custom cleaning brush, this juicer also contains dishwasher-safe parts which ensure its ease of operation. Besides, it comes with a 1-year warranty that assures a hassle-free after-sales experience. Moreover, the $89.95 price tag for this premium quality product makes it a perfect gift choice for this Christmas.

Coffee Grinder

Who doesn’t like a great cup of coffee to start their days with? And this Christmas, you can gift your loved one the best cup of coffee by purchasing this innovative coffee grinder from the house of Krups. This grinder comes with a burr mill system that avoids overheating and also preserves the true aroma of the coffee. Besides, it comes with a fineness-selector so that you can choose the precise grinding style according to your taste.

This grinder comes with an 8 oz. bean container that assures better storage and you can also select the quantity of the coffee between 2 to 12 cups. It also comes with a removable container and top burr that makes it absolutely easy to wash. Without any doubt, this coffee grinder in just $29.38 price is a grand bargain, indeed.

Cocktail Making Set & Bar Kit

If you want to gift anything unique to your booze-head buddy then don’t hesitate to buy him/her this amazing cocktail making and bar kit on Christmas 2018. This kit includes 2 cocktail mixing shakers, 2 double-sided jiggers, 4 bar pourers, a strainer, a corkscrew, an ice tong, a mixing spoon, and a wine opener to take care of the luxury bar experience. Besides, it comes with a Bar Brat’s book that contains more than 130 cocktail recipes.

This whole kit is made of premium-quality 304 stainless steel which assures the durability of the product. Besides, the company also ensures that the kit will definitely last for more than 15 years. And for the price tag of just $29.70, this unique bar kit is definitely a budget-friendly gift choice for this Christmas.

Wemo Mini Smart Plug

The Wemo mini smart plug is one of the most innovative plugs you can buy this year. You can control your lights and appliances connected in this plug right from the Wemo app on your smartphone. Besides, you can also control it with Alexa and Apple HomeKit. You can schedule your electric gadgets automatically with the help of this smart plug. Moreover, the intelligent ‘away mode’ of this mini smart plug randomly turns your lights off and on to make it look like you are in the house.

The innovative sleek design enables two Wemo mini smart plugs in the same outlet to ensure ease of operation. Besides, it is extremely easy to setup and also supports high-power appliances which ensure further usability of this gadget. And needless to say, the $27.90 price tag, that too with a global shipping option, makes it a great choice even for the budget-conscious customers.

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