No Shave November contest

Best No Shave November contest ideas you can implement in 2018

The world of internet often sees new trends, especially when it comes to fashion and beauty. Be it making your collarbones look prominent or turning your waist thinner than a piece of paper, it’s all there on the internet. One such trend is the No Shave November challenge. As you can understand from the name itself, this No Shave November contest is something that only men participate in. This challenge requires men to keep their facial hairs like beards and moustaches. This means that they won’t shave, throughout the month of November. And, all this is done for a noble cause!

Yes, the No Shave November contest rules dictate that a man cannot shave for the entire month of November. And, there’s an important reason for that. The participants of the No Shave November contest collect money equivalent to the sum they would have spent on grooming kit or grooming sessions to shave themselves, and donate this amount to organizations dedicated towards the study and treatment of cancer in men.

After starting off in 2009, this campaign has managed to become extremely popular.   Men have happily participated in it, and perhaps, one of the reasons they have done so is how ruggedly handsome they found themselves with their beards and moustaches. They have drawn inspirations from the No Shave November Contest ideas all over the internet to do something good for the world, and look good while doing so.

No Shave November contest ideas

1. Best Beard Contest

You have to see the participants of the Best Beard contest to believe how creative men can get with their beards. From decorating the beards with flowers and embellishments to tying and combing the beards in different shapes and forms, men don’t hold back at all, when it comes to the best beard contest. And, here are some of the best beard styles you can sport this year.

2. Best Moustache Contest

Something similar happens when it comes to the Best Moustache contest. Men grow their moustaches grow long and thick for the entire month of November, and then turn these into unique shapes to complement the beards perfectly.

3. Fundraising Contest

It is to be remembered that the No Shave November contest is all about a good cause, i.e. raise money to fight and treat cancer. So, many start their own Fundraising Contest pages to encourage other men to participate in this challenge and make large donations to the foundations. Besides, here are some of the best No Shave November fundraising ideas you can work with.

4. Write-a-slogan Contest

There are many ways in which men spread awareness about the No Shave November contest. One of them is the Write-a-slogan contest. Not only do the participants come up with interesting slogans, but they also manage to enthuse people to participate in this contest with powerful words. We all know how much slogans can influence people into changing their minds! And as the inspirations, here are the most amazing No Shave November quotes.

5. No-Shave Meme Competitions

The No Shave Meme Competitions are among the interesting and fun challenges associated with the No Shave November. In this, we see entries of participants who succeed in spreading awareness in a humorous way, by adding an element of fun and laughter. And to get the idea, check out these exclusive No Shave November memes.

All in all, it can be said that the No Shave November competitions have been a huge success so far, and we can hope that this will remain as successful as ever, because it will help take a big step towards victory against cancer in men.

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