Donald Trump claims Google showing ‘Fake News Media’ over searching ‘Trump News’

The US President is very much vocal about the issues and so about his anti-forces. Up the latest, he has tried to malign the tech giant Google as he alleges it for showing fake news results when the user went on searching the term ‘Trump News’ on the search engine.  Trump lamented one of the most notable tech companies across the globe, Google via his Twitter account. Not to forget that it isn’t the first time US President has claimed someone of spewing fake or biased news against him.

It should be noted here that Google authorities have set certain algorithms which are only known to them and they actually influence the search results being shown to the viewers over the search engine.  Trump has voiced against Google over not giving enough space to the right-wing conservative news outlets and showing more prominence to the left-wing news outlets.  Mr Trump was of the claims that all this side-lining of the right-wing news outlets, pushes the good news about him and gives hype to all the negative news floating against him.

The US President, who quite often took to Twitter to shut up his haters, in the latest bid he outsmarted Google as he alleged them of biased attitude towards him and that too forging his repute internationally as it shows the negative image of him when searched as  ‘Trump News’ over the Google search engine.



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