Disturbing Video Shows Baltimore Police Officer Brutally Beating Unarmed Man

Baltimore, the largest city in the US state of Maryland has much more to be known for in the world. But what it is actually getting known for is the infamous Baltimore Police Department. The notorious police of Baltimore have been in the headlines multiple times for the controversial use of force on the streets and in the custody as well. With all such incidents taking place, citizens of Baltimore seem not to have the ideal of the relationship with the department, which is actually for the security and betterment of the citizens.

Baltimore Police: Another Condemnable Incident

The latest incident showing the atrocity and the controversial use of the force of Baltimore Police actually worked as fuel to the flame to all the restoring faith process.  The video which is captured by some passerby on Saturday shows Baltimore police officer brutally thrashing an unarmed man, who can clearly be seen asking “For what?”.

The video captured by the anonymous person has become the talk of the town as it shows Baltimore police doing what they have already been reported various times.  The incident doesn’t look like something on the basis of racial discrimination as the police officer himself was Black and so was the victim being pummeled in the viral video.

Here’s what Interim Police Commissioner and Mayor have to say about this incident


The video of Baltimore police’s brutality towards its citizens has gone viral, and ever since it has surfaced on the internet it has spread as fire in the bush.

The people voiced in support of the victim of police’s controversial use of force and asked authorities to look into the matter and serve justice as per the law.

The Interim Police Commissioner and the Mayor also had their say about the horrific incident, through which they assured the justice for the victim, suspension of the police officer committing violence and a prompt investigation into the matter as well.


Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh also vowed to eradicate such incidents, which are hampering the relation between the police and the citizens.


“We are working day and night to bring about a new era of community-based, Constitutional policing and will not be deterred by this or any other instance that threatens our efforts to reestablish trust of all citizens in the Baltimore Police Department,” she said.

Baltimore Police Attacking Unarmed Man: What’s in the Video?


The initial probe into the incident tells that this incident took place around 11:45 a.m. on Saturday as the police officers were working on the crime suppression details in the area.

The two police officers, who can be seen captured in the video came across the man, whom one of the officers was familiar with.

After the initial conversation, the man was asked to leave by the police officer but soon later he was approached again to provide the citizen’s contact sheet.

Things went ugly as the citizen refuse to provide that, and reacting to that one police officer went on bashing him to the ground to an extent that his blood started pooling on the sidewalk.

The other police officer little intervened into all this violent process, neither in stopping the fellow policeman nor in smashing more punches to the citizen.

What about the Police Officer who attacked?

The police officer, who is seen hurling punches to an unarmed man, was handed over an immediate suspension from the Interim Police Commissioner Gary Tuggle. The BPD also asserted that this remains an active criminal investigation.  Moreover, the police authorities also encouraged the onlookers who witnessed the incident to share the details to get the better probe into the matter.

It should be noted here that the other police officer in the video is placed in the administrative duties until the investigation of this incident of gets completed.

Baltimore Police Attack Civilians: It’s not the first time

If you think this incident is one of its own kinds then you need to rethink as Baltimore Police are notoriously doing that.

Whether we talk about the Death of Freddie Gray in the police custody back in 2015 or the assault on teenager Melvin Townes back in 2016, each of the incidents is the story of controversial authority usage of Baltimore Police.

The higher-ups and local government had vowed to bridge the gap between citizens and the Baltimore Police due to the incidents mentioned above but the latest incident seems to work as the fuel to the fire on the aftermath of such brutal incidents.

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