Denmark’s Veil Ban: First woman fined 1000 Kroner

Islamophobia has been a flaming hot topic across Europe for almost a decade as Muslims are put under the stigma of “Terrorism”.  The issue has been aggravated to the extent thats Muslim women have been subjected to a full face veil ban in many European countries like France, Germany and Australia. The latest country to hop onto the veil-ban bandwagon is Denmark. This ban prohibits muslim women from covering their faces in public places if found failing to do so they will be charged with a fine of 1000 kroner in the first violation attempt. And if the violation is done repetitively, the fine can even soar up to 10,000 Kroner as well.

Those who support this veil ban think that this step would help immigrants integrate within the Danish society and those who are voicing against it think that it’s a woman rights violation and also a question on one’s freedom of expression.

In the recent turn of events, days after the veil ban in Denmark had been declared the first fine was administered  and the offender is a 28 year old Muslim woman was handed a fine of 1000 Kroner.

This incident happened in a shopping centre in Horsholm, in the northeastern region of Nordsjaelland when a scuffle burst out between two women as one of them was trying to pull the veil off the other. Within all that time the veil got off the woman’s face but at the time police reached the place, the woman got it fixed back.

“During the fight, her niqab came off, but by the time we arrived she had put it back on again,” police spokesperson David Borchersen told the Ritzau news agency.

The woman was asked to remove the Niqab but she refused and went on moving from that place. Police took the CCTV of that entire incident including the photo of the veiled woman. Therefore, she was fined of 1000 Kroners.

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