Danielle Staub and Oliver Maier Postpones the Wedding after Announcing the Engagement

danielle staub and oliver maierDanielle and Oliver have changed their mind and agreed to temporarily postpone their wedding but they are still in a deep relationship with each other and enjoying their company in public events.

A reputable Source sharing the information in the following ways, E! News on Sunday Magazines: “Danielle will spend a few days with her daughter to make this relation more strong after realizing that they took that decision fast which will effect on her. Her children have always been her first priority and she always ready to do anything for them” She postponed her big day to make it more comfortable for her children.

Spending value time with Children and managing their life to make it more worthful in the relationship with the complete family.

The New Jersey Star as a perfect housewife announced on Thursday that she postpones her marriage right after her engagement to Olive Maier. The statement confirmed by E! News: 56 years old television personality said yes to Oliver Maier, the Duke of Provence. Both are in a relationship right after her divorce from Marty Caffrey.

It was quite a rapid decision based on their whirlwind romance for both of them. They met just six months ago. The Magazine shared a report on her where she said: “It was not exactly very positive me when I met him the first time. He is strong-willed and I found him quite arrogant and rude,” She said, “My thought totally changed when I saw another loving side.”

She spoke on Instagram about her romantic stat:

It was after a kiss, though, that we “fell madly in love.”

danielle staub and oliver maier

Magazines report that French Duke and she met when he was initially dating her friend. They met and found attractive vibes to continue more. Maier running a private equity firm as managing director by the name of Speyside Equity.

He belongs to a rich background. His family owned two castles and 15 vineyards. It looks like they will not grab the public places while their visit to France.
She will become Duchess Danielle, obviously has a nice ring!
Their wedding has temporarily postponed for now. They are on the way to make this relationship more strong and romantic.



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