CPL 2018 all set to go with two changes in playing conditions

The advent of T20 cricket has changed the face of the cricket, it has become more of the brute power and that has led to the raining fours and sixes. The best part of this limited format is a game just gets decided within 3-hours time, 20 overs being bowled by each side and is more of the entertainer as it’s about quickly adding runs to the scoreboard. Caribbean Premier League abbreviated as CPL is one of such cricket leagues which have given the much-needed boost to the T20 format of the game.

CPL is regarded as one of the best T20 leagues across the globe with dozens of world-class players across the globe featuring in this league. This league initiated back in 2013 guarantees pure entertainment with some greatest nail-biting encounter for the cricket loving eyeballs.  This years’ CPL would be marking 6th edition of this world-class league and here’s some change in the playing additions done just to make sure we came across more of the crispy encounters this year.

As per the newest playing additions each side will be bound to finish their 20-overs quota within 85-minutes of time; if not done so the defaulter side would get 0.05 subtracted from the net run rate for one over. And .10 deduction in NRR for every additional over other than one over.  It should be noted here umpire would have jurisdiction to allow extra time in case of time loss due to uncertain reasons.

The other change in the rule for this edition is the toss for the super over when the game gets tied. Before that, the team batting second in a tied game was asked to get the strike in a super over. But now the toss will be a decider for who’ll be batting first in the super over.

It will be pertinent to mention here that CPL 2018 will be kicking off from August 08 until September 16.

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