Category 4 Hurricane Florence will be “Devastating,” says FEMA

Hurricane Florence gives no signs of stopping as the Category 2 Hurricane, which was said to evolve into Category 3 before smashing the coasts of Carolina and Virginia, has intensified beyond expectations as this Hurricane has got transformed into Category 4 with all chances to have the landfall on Friday. The Governors in Virginia and Carolinas have put states on alert with mandatory evacuation orders of  1 million people. The FEMA Chief termed this hurricane as the ‘devastating’ storm and also advised people to pay heed upon the precautions.

The Hurricane Florence is one of the worst hurricanes to hit the East Coast in decades as the Category 4 storm can linger for days and may cause excessive rainfall as well which can lead up to floods in various areas in the East Coast. FEMA official are of the opinion that Hurricane Florence is capable of bringing ‘massive damage’ causing infrastructure damage and power outages all around the east coast.

President Donald Trump is also keeping a close eye out for Hurricane Florence and he has advised people to be careful and safe. Apart from that he also tweeted about his talks with governors of Carolina and Virginia and also said that Federal government stand by them 24/7.



Talking about the status of Hurricane Florence on Tuesday Morning, it is 400 miles south of Bermuda and moving west-northwest at 15 mph. It should be noted here that it has been reclassified as a Category 4 Hurricane, which means it can bring some real damage as it makes landfall.

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