Cartoonist denies Serena Williams US Open depiction of being Racist, Twitter disagrees!

Days after Serena Williams lost the US Open title to 20-years Naomi Osaka, there is still much to be discussed about that as the Australian tabloid has stirred a controversy as the cartoonist being published on the page about US star’s behaviour are said to be of racist and sexist nature as well. The artist has strongly refuted such claims by saying that it has nothing to do with race, whereas Tweet floods in support of Williams, who was being victimized and portrayed in the cartoon by provoking racism.


The cartoonist Mark Knight’ refuted all the claims about his cartoon being racist or sexist in nature “The cartoon about Serena is about her poor behaviour on the day, not about race,” Knight said, he was also backed up by the newspaper editor Damon Johnston over this.

The cartoon which has led to unease among people belonging to the various fields of life shows the modern-day great Serena Williams caricature in the Sambo look, which controversially portrayed the black people in the 20th century. The cartoon shows  Williams in the masculine look, big lipped, smashing the racquet on the floor whereas her Japanese competitor is seen standing in front of the referee who asks her can you let her win, referring to Serena Williams.

Therefore the cartoonist refused to apologise for overall this happening but looked disturbed over this controversy. Up the latest, his Twitter account is missing, not sure he himself disabled it or what actually happened with it.

I’m upset that people are offended, but I’m not going to take the cartoon down.

“I can’t undraw the cartoon. I think people have just misinterpreted. Maybe there’s a different understanding of cartooning in Australia to America … It was a cartoon based on her tantrum on the day and that’s all it was.”



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