Brief History and Difference Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The month of November brings along three holidays for Americans, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Now, we all know what Thanksgiving is about, families getting together and carving that beautiful Turkey. But what about Black Friday and Cyber Monday? What are these two days about? Well, worry no more for we have the answer for you with a brief history!

When and How did Black Friday Start?

The time-line of Black Friday starts from early 1950s, this is when people started calling in sick after the Thanksgiving day essentially for a long weekend. On this day they would go out for shopping, since most stores and businesses were still open, all while avoiding bumping into their boss.

Looking at the number of people coming in for shopping early for Christmas as it is the only long holiday before Christmas, retail stores judging by the crowd coming in and making purchases they started early shopping season for Christmas with massive sales. The stores because of the shopping spree began earning profit to the point where there annual profit actually tipped into “the black” (profitable earning) once all the receipts were tallied.

It was in 1966, that the name “Black Friday” became popular because of all the crowd gathering in stores and traffic jams.

Then when Internet became more common “Black Friday” spread across the world.

When and How did Cyber Monday Start?

Cyber Monday is fairly young, dating back to 2005. This was the year when online shopping started to become a thing to consider as the shopper needed some encouragement to head out and visit a shop. Online stores to in order to gain more market and make a strong foothold began their own sales to compete with physical shops and their Black Friday event.

The name “Cyber Monday” came from when people referred to the Internet as “Cyberspace” and Monday because many used to shop online while they were at work with access to high-speed Internet. The fast computers and high-speed connections at offices became very lucrative for online stores, especially on Mondays, hence, the name “Cyber Monday” was embraced by them.

Difference Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

In current day and age, there’s really no difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday. However, prior to Internet’s existence, Black Friday was born from retail stores with Cyber Monday coming only after Internet gained more popularity, high-speeds and bigger market.

Now, Black Friday has become a lot more similar to what Cyber Monday is but a little bit more, since it still maintains its “doorbuster” deals at stores and only on Friday. While Cyber Monday is just an online “Holiday” on a Monday.

That being said, deals are not that much different from one another, in terms of value, online or otherwise. It all comes down to one’s convenience and patience of standing in a long queue with a possible fighting crowd or bypass it by just purchasing the item online.

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