Band Paid in Experience Can Now Perform Spin Attacks, Wear New Armor

A band in neighborhood called Elenor Rugby will be able to wear supreme armor and can perform spin assaults in a show in which they were paid a high price, indicated by sources.
”Thats unfair and crap that they wouldn’t even give some drinks.” and then bassist Britta Clark showed hurricane of double punch spin and said again that it truly proves to be useful when a melody requires a kind of pyrotechnic flourish or for staggering a field troll.
Advertisers giving experience instead of salary to bands is a common practice but they don’t understand one thing that they can polish their skills and equipment by this experience.

Some band members including Drummer Peter Hare said that they play to make money to finish our jobs. This is just sad that we don’t get anything after all the hard work we do, but he accepted the fact that the upgrade of equipment he got as a fees made his armor shiny and better plus the chances have improved the chances to divert basic assaults from Lord Gandor, the band that throw crap on audience.

Some of the members of band are unhappy from this upgrade thing. Britta and Pete are happy, Guitarist Steve stated, but he doesn’t look much fine because he think the upgrade he got was lame and useless. He got a jump for extra four inches, and he was angry and shared his thought that gas money would be better as compared to this upgrade.

Most of the Elenor Rugby thinks that the reactions of Hainley depend on his ignore of exp points he got.
Front man Jerry Hill stated that Steve is angry because he is not smart enough to use his upgrade, and said that he got the same upgrade too but he has the brain to switch it for other, he now can turn invisible for five seconds but it doesn’t work against magic users. Upgrade can be done with the money but he doesn’t have any at this moment.

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