Australia’s Decision of Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital still Pending

Australia decision on the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was thought to be announced this week. The subject became prominent in the recent Wentworth byelections after Prime Minister Scott Morrison hinted at relocation of the Tel Aviv office of the Australian Embassy.

Ever since his announcement Australia has been facing diplomatic tension with Malaysia and Indonesia. Prime Minister Morrison said in an interview recently that he would finalize his decision by Christmas. The news was welcomed by communal leaders and they were hoping for a decision this week.

The Australian reported that the final decision on recognition of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel would have to be approved first by the National Security Committee and then it would be ratified by the Australian Cabinet on Tuesday. It is still uncertain whether the recognition holds true for all of Jerusalem or just its western part.

The Secretary General of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, Dr Saeb Erekat called upon the Muslim World to unite and boycott Australia if it recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in a tweet.

Australian expat Arsen Ostrovsky was quick to respond to Erekat’s tweet, he said:“Aussies are a tough bunch” and they don’t give in to “threats, bullying and intimidation”. According to Dr. Saeb Erekat that recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by Australia would be an abrogation of international law.

The Australian high up although have not announced their decision as of yet.

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