Cincinnati Fountain Square Shooting; 4 Dead,3 Injured|Live Updates|Tweets|Videos|Photos

It was a fine morning in Cincinnati before an unidentified man on Thursday started firing at the Fifth Third Center in Cincinnati’s Fountain Square. This active shooting incident marks to be first ever in the history of Cincinnati. The police reached the crime scene within no time and exchanged fire with the shooter,but the shooter had managed to kill three and injure the same number of people before the security agencies could intercept.

The firing which is said to have started at around 9:30 in the morning soon got a drop scene before police secured the place around 11 a.m. ET.

According to the information surfacing, the gunman, who was all alone entered the Cincinnati skyscraper and as soon as he set foot in the lobby, he opened fire without any discrimination.  The four policemen who close to the crime scene rushed there and went on to exchange fire with the armed suspect, who was unaided.

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley talking about the horrific incident told media that it was an active shooting incident where an attacker opened up fire on random people later on exchanging fire with the police. The mayor also appreciated the police dept. for their vigilant response as they killed the attacker before he could bring more damage to the busy skyscraper.

A passerby told reporters “people were grabbing there coffees and breakfast or were really carefree like a usual morning before the attacker violently opened fire“. People rushed into the streets, taking every possible measure to escape this massacre attempt, which left 3 people injured and three dead, before the Cincinnati police killed the attacker.

Here are some of the Tweets covering the photos and videos of the crime scene:










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