70% Chances of El Nino Weather Event this year, says WMO

The drastic climate change has been an issue threatening the entire world as it leads to irregulated weather conditions that can trigger extreme hot weather in one part and the other facing the heavy rainfall.  Up the latest, according to the World Meteorological Organisation WMO, this year its again the chance of El Nino Weather Event, which means disruption in the weather globally to the already ongoing hot year.

El Nino Event is most commonly known for increasing hit in various parts of the world including Asia and Africa. It hit back in 2015-16 and caused the drought in Africa. On the other hand, it also destabilized the weather all around with causing floods in South America across Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

This weather event is said to come back around every 5  to 6 years but this time t has returned quite sooner as it last intervened back in 2015-16. The weather experts are of the view that this year’s weather event won’t be as harsh as the previous one but still, it would have an impact.

It will be pertinent to mention here that climate change has forced the world bigwigs to get in the discussion as apart from economically hampering this issue is turning out to be life-threatening. Many of the countries in South Asia think planting trees as one of the solutions to it and that’s why they have launched campaigns under the umbrella of government to plant as much as trees they can as it can regularize the weather conditions.

This year started with La Niña phase, which is opposite to El Nino Phase, commonly responsible for causing cooler temperature. This led to than average sea-surface temperatures in the Pacific, but it faded away.

WMO timely alarming about the 70% chances of El Nino Weather Event this year can lessen the losses to a greater extent.

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