4.4 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Georgia, Tennessee, Carolinas-USGS

4.4 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Georgia, Tennessee, Carolinas:USGS

–  A 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit Tennessee early Wednesday morning. The tremors of the quake could be felt all the way up to Northern Georgia and scattered areas of the Carolinas.

U.S.G.S(United States Geological Survey) reports state that the earthquake hit at 4:14 am. The epicenter of the quake was 7 mi North-Northeast of Decatur, in Tennessee.

Courtesy of USGS

The epicenter of the 4.4 magnitude earthquake was 128 mi North-Northwest of Atlanta – 220 mi West of Charlotte, NC.

A 3.3 magnitude aftershock hit exactly 13 minutes after the first quake. USGS reports claim that the microseismic aftershock is not likely to have been felt in Georgia.

Although a seismograph stationed at Georgia Tech in North Georgia picked up the aftershocks.

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