Unilever’s Magnum all set to debut Dairy-free Vegan Ice Cream Bars in Finland and Sweden

With 7 billion people come 7 billion choices but it only becomes the trend when it is backed by the majority of people in the region, country or even city-basis.  When we talk about the foodies’ trends, the meat-lovers have been leading the rest by far as they even get this special meaty flavour in like every savoury eatable product. Whether it has been the chips in the market or noodles; it doesn’t get completed without the meat variant in it. But now it seems, things are changing as there is the group of people who are actually lookout for the vegan products.

Ina wake of consumers asking for more of the plant-based products, one of the best ice creams across the globe, Magnum has decided to mark its two Vegan variants products in markets like Finland and Sweden initially. Vegan Ice-cream isn’t something going to happen for the very first time as it’s something happening as Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream has there been winning the hearts in various countries across the globe. What makes Magnum’s vegan ice cream making so much hype is that it is the top selling ice cream brand worldwide, according to the Forbes’ 2016 report. And now with this humongous brand coming up with the vegan product it actually assures that people are actually asking for more plant-based products and in near future, you can see many products introducing the special variants for the vegans.

It should be noted here that as per the Innova Market insights Data planet-based products have witnessed the exponential growth of 62% globally from 2013-2017.

Talking about the Magnum’s latest vegan ice cream variants, it will come in two flavours Magnum Vegan Classic and Magnum Vegan Almond. Both these variants have got a ‘green signal’ from European Vegetarian Union and will soon be rolling out in Sweden and Finland. It will be pertinent to mention here that this vegan ice creams products will be made from a pea protein base dipped in dark chocolate.

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