Quick Bits On How To Maintain And Care For That Manly Beard this No Shave November

by Alex Burnstein
2 minutes read

With November just starting and we all know what that entails, letting that beautiful beard grow freely!

Those who are looking to grow a beard, for this month only or getting into the beard game, you still need to groom it to keep it in perfect shape and form.

Therefore, for your convenience, we have prepared a list on how to maintain that beard of yours.

Be Patient:

To properly grow a beard you need to control the urge of trimming or styling, leave it untouched for at least 4-6 weeks. Doing this later gives you the option to pick a style for your beard and lets it evenly grow out.

Taming the Beast:

Since beards and mustache are constantly growing, you need to keep it well tuned and in-line with your face’s shape so that it complements it. Giving it proper and timely trims well help you achieve that fairly easily.

If you decide to keep a closely trimmed style then you’ll need to make time everyday to keep it like that and if you have a full beard, once or twice a week will do just fine.

Wash it regularly:

This is the most important part when growing a beard. Scrub your beard several times a week with a specialized cleaner or shampoo, as food and skin cells can cause itchiness. When drying the beard, do it gently, otherwise it can cause frizzy hair and split ends.

Oiling your beard:

Regularly oiling your beard will keep it soft and in perfect health and shape. Beard oil essentially acts as a conditioner for your beard, giving it a manly scent and a shinier look.

Brushing your beard:

A daily rub with either a comb or a specific beard brush straightens those stubborn hairs and allows you to make them grow in a downward direction. If you want better styling for your beard a soft-hold styler will give you better control of your hair.

Feed that beast:

Since hair is made from protein and fat and relies heavily on Vitamins B5, B3 and B9 which means you’ll be eating nuts, egg yolk, veggies, meat and consuming milk to keep it healthy.


This was our list on how you can maintain your beard. After all, growing a great beard is something you should be proud of!

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