China wants to contribute to global health governance

China wants to contribute in greater extent to global health governance

They recently announced to take part in the global health governance in cooperation with the World Health Organization. Moreover, in the 71st World Health Assembly, they also proclaimed that they are ready to give access to China’s wisdom to make a better and healthier world.

Chinese doctors did a brilliant job during the 1960s when they cured billions of farmers lacking the basic medical insurance. That phenomenon also inspired WHO during the 1978 conference in Kazakhstan to let the local communities get indulge in preventive and primary healthcare. Recently in the World Health Assembly, former director-general of the WHO Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun, expressed that China’s healthcare experience will benefit middle and low-income countries to a much greater extent.

Since the adoption of the new reform in 1978, China eventually improved the health support and needs to almost one-fifth of the global population. The average life expectancy of the Chinese people went from 35 years in the 1940s to 76.5 years in 2016. Besides, the infant mortality rate also reduced to just 0.75 percent in 2016.

China already created a great example for the rest of the world through their speedy large-scale medical health system reforms, according to the WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Besides, Ma Xiaowei also expressed that the nation already adopted their Healthy China initiative and released the Healthy China 2030 guideline for the benefit of the Chinese population.

While talking about China being the pioneer in global emergency response, Ma said: “working with research institutes in Africa, China has launched joint projects to adapt for use in Africa its practices in the prevention and control of malaria and schistosomiasis.”

Pedro Alonso, the Global Malaria Program Director of WHO, also stated that “China is playing a major leadership role in the global health agenda. It is a strong, economically powerful country with a vision to contributing to the fight against malaria and generally in the improvement of health beyond its own borders,” and added “So we welcome the involvement of China in a leadership position, building out of its own experience, but putting also at the service of mankind, its talent, its capacity, its own products.”

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