5 Key Rules to have best beard in this year’s No Shave November

by Oendrila De
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5 Key Rules to have best beards

Millions of men around the globe are now taking part in the global campaign of the No-Shave November foundation that works for the cancer awareness programs. Besides, the Movember campaign also works to raise the awareness of men’s health problems, especially prostate cancer. Men all over the world participating in these campaigns already gave up their razors for the entire November month just to donate the amount for a good cause which they would usually spend on shaving or grooming their beards. Besides, the foundation now also calls ladies to take part in the No Shave November campaign by giving up their leg waxing.

If you are the first-time participant of the No Shave November campaign then you do need a little extra support to maintain your face sweater this year. So, here goes our exclusive advice which is definitely going to help you to flaunt your beard styles this year. Moreover, Beardbrand’s Eric Bandholtz also shares some tips for a great No Shave November campaign this season. But first, don’t forget to raise some funds for the noble cause.

No Shave November

Don’t use shampoos having harsh chemicals

Always try to use natural products and avoid regular shampoos having harsh chemicals which can affect the texture of your beard. Eric Bandholz says “If possible avoid washing everyday with a shampoo,” and adds, “If you do wash everyday, then always follow with a conditioner and try to use a natural soap, which is less harsh on your skin.” So, it is absolutely great to have a natural cleaning product to take care of your skin and also to flaunt your beard styles.

Use beard oils

Men having large beards often face dryness problems, especially during the colder months. And in November, it is typically an issue due to the low moisture content in the air. So, it better to get your hand on a good-quality beard oil to maintain the softness of your beard. According to Bandholz, “As it gets colder and drier, beard oil becomes more necessary. Apply it daily to a damp beard after your shower while the skin is still relaxed from the warm water.”

Stay away from split ends

Regularly trim your beard to maintain your desired size and also to stay away from the split ends. It looks absolutely untidy if you grow your beard having damaged ends. Besides, it is also great to trim off your beard just to maintain the correct beard style. Bandholz advice “Trim off any split ends. I recommend using scissors to prevent dramatic trimming accidents. It will give you surgeon-like precision for keeping your beard looking nice.”

Take care of your moustache

Moustache is also a part of your full-facial styling and you do need to take great care of it. In several beard styles like Van Dyke or Mutton Chops, moustache attracts more attention than the beard. So, use a good-quality wax to take care of your ‘stache. Bandholz, in an interview, says “Use mustache wax to help train the mustache to part to the sides. This will help keep the hair out of your mouth and prevent you from chomping down on it as you eat.”

Maintain your style in a proper way

It is absolutely necessary to maintain the proper style that you are sporting this No Shave November. Be it a stubble or a long one, you need to take care of the styling precisely. And Bandholz advice “If you keep a corporate beard, be sure to trim the neck and cheek line. A good rule of thumb is to make sure neck hair ends above the Adam’s apple and with the cheek line, it doesn’t go any higher than the bottom of the nose.”

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