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5 Best maintenance tips to have the best beard

5 Best maintenance tips to have the best beard in this No Shave November

The No Shave November campaign already created a huge spark all over the globe for raising the awareness around men’s health, especially for the cancer-related issues. Since 2009, many people around the world wait for November to show off their beard joyfully, while many others have mixed emotions. Several men want to support the noble cause but failed to grow their beards like a jungle due to their corporate affairs, or just because it is quite unusual to sport a full-grown beard while having a serious meeting at the office.

You can also support the campaign while having a decent beard style without being like Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Revenant”; you don’t really need to fight bears with your beard mate! And, here goes the list of our customized tips to have a workplace-approved beard in this year’s No Shave November and Movember. Follow these steps and maintain your professional reputation even with a facial sweater.

Beard Grooming Tips

Invest in right shaving tools

If you are having a beard for the first time in this year’s No Shave November, then the right kind of beard grooming tool is a must-item for you. Invest in a good-quality beard trimmer and scissors for a more reliable grooming this year. Besides, you also need a great comb or brush to maintain your beard if you are planning to go full wild to reach the lumberjack status. So, it is absolutely necessary to invest in the right kind of shaving and grooming tools to maintain the tidiness and also to flaunt some of the best beard styles to sport this year.

Regular washing is necessary

You keep your hair clean while shampooing it daily and your beard also needs that same amount of love and affection from you. If you are not able to wash your beard in a proper way daily, at least don’t forget to shampoo it a few times a week. Use a good quality beard shampoo or you can also use a face wash which won’t take away the moistures from your beard and face. Remember to put some moisturizer on your face and beard if you feel dry after shampooing it. You can also go all-natural while rubbing sea salt or sugar to get rid of the dead skin.

Comb your beard daily

Once you have a lengthy-lonely beard in your face, you do need to start combing it regularly to make it look tidy. It is also necessary to comb it on a daily basis to maintain your desired beard style. Besides, it is also easier to groom your beard if you comb and detangle your beard in a regular manner. You also need to comb your moustache besides your fuzz. Start underneath the lower lip and comb downward to have a great-looking beard. It is also better to a buy a nice-quality beard brush to maintain your muff.

Right beard for your face shape

Don’t just look at the catalog and start growing a beard like that model on it. You need to consider your face shape. There are several beard styles which go absolutely well with round face shapes but look horrendous if you want to sport it with an edgy face. So, choose your beard style according to your facial shapes. You can also request your salon guy to give you a customized beard style. They will definitely do the trick for you. Don’t forget to fade your neck and have clean border lines around your neck and sideburns.

Trim it in a proper way

Always make sure that your beard is completely dry before you opt for a trimming. Besides, you can also go for a proper-size clipper to trim down your fuzz to have a much cleaner-looking face and also to achieve an even cut. You also need to choose your clipper guard properly according to your desired beard style and length. Start with a shorter guard when you have a low-length beard, and then increase the guard size according to your beard growth. You may have to use the scissors too to get a more-tidier look beside using the trimmer.

Follow these steps of maintenance and have a great-looking beard this year. And, don’t forget to raise some funds for the No Shave November campaign if you really care for men’s health and also want to join the battle against cancer. Happy beards, folks!

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