What’s New in FIFA 19? Features, Players & Teams, Everything You Need to Know

Every year, millions of FIFA fans wait for the release of the new version of the game expecting better graphics, more features, and a more realistic and fun gameplay. Not to mention the excitement to play with their favourite clubs latest squad. This year once again, the expecations are really high and one thing that can be said after seeing the game demos is that FIFA 19 promises some amazing things.

So what’s new in FIFA 19?

Firstly the game is first time going to have Champions League. Yes, finally the FIFA fans will be able to play with their favourite European teams in the Champions League. You will be able to hear the famous Champions League anthem and experience the same thrill and excitement that usually surrounds a Champions League stadium.

With the Champions League feature, the game will become really exciting and the game will feature the last part of The Journey, Alex Hunter’s rise to glory. In FIFA 17, Alex Hunter started off his journey with a breakthrough in the top tier of football. In FIFA 18 he went to the Major League Soccer. This time around, its time for Alex Hunter to rise to glory with Champions League.

Europa League in FIFA 19

Another major tournament that has been added to FIFA 19 is The Europa League. This means that the Career Mode will be much more realsitic this time around. The gameplay itself has been much improved. The shooting and passing has been made more accurate with better timing of the buttons. The players will experience sweeter finishes.

Graphics Improvement in FIFA 2019

The game graphics have also been improved resulting in better game play. A new display has been developed for mini-map. One of the teams will now have their players denoted by triangles. This will make it easier for players to differentiate their teams, especially in situations where both the teams have similar kit colors.

New Commentary Team for the Champions League Matches in FIFA19

The video game enthusiasts can also expect improved commentary. And not to forget a new commentary team for the Champions League matches. Lee Dixon and Derek Rex will offer their expert opinions during the Champions League games. For the domestic games, Alan Smith and Martin Tyler will continue to provide their opinions.

With improvements every year, not just in gameplay and graphics, but also in new licensing and more realistic scenarios, FIFA has become the biggest and most popular football franchise by far. And this year with the inclusion of Champions League it has achieved a new milestone that will surely help it continue to dominate the video game market.

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