Vincious Junior, ‘The Next Neymar’ Talks About His Real Madrid Debut

Over the years we have seen some amazing football talent come out of Brazil. Now, we have another amazing young footballer, Vinicious Junior playing for Real Madrid. The 18 year old has been termed as ‘The Next Neymar’ by some football commentators.

Vinicious Junior made his debut for Real Madrid last week. He featured in the game against Atletico Madrid. As with any other player, it was a special moment for the young Brazilian to feature for Real Madrid and wear the iconic shirt of the club. Although, the player only featured for the last two minutes of the game, he is still thankful for the experience and hopes to get more play time in future.

While talking to media, Vinicious said that he was really happy to have made his first appearance for Real Madrid. He said that he will like to thank the people who helped him improve during the training sessions. He thanked the players as well as the coach. Vinicious said that he had always dreamt of making his debut for Real Madrid as it was the best team in the world. He further said that he was grateful to all the people involved in making his dream a reality.

Typically Real Madrid is known to be a club which buys the super stars, instead of making them. It would be interesting to see how Vinicious grows in his career and if he is able to live up to the potential that he has.

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