Vinai Venkatesham: Europa League will not Negatively Affect Arsenal Club

Arsenal has missed out on Champions League football for the past two seasons. However, their managing director, Vinai Venkatesham, has said that they can make the investments required to compete in Champions League even if they spend more time in the Europa League.

Fans and supporters of the team worry that if the Gunners miss out on another season, they financial impact will cut the team from top tier clubs at home and in the continent. While the manager, Venkatesham, believes that the club’s model can sustain a longer period being out of Champions League before financial issues become a concern.

Further clarifying the club’s position, Venkatesham said, “We do have a self-sustaining business model so the more years you spend out of the Champions League, the bigger strain it puts on the business model” and “There’s not a final point we get to where it becomes a catastrophic problem and we are nowhere near that.”

While talking about how well Arsenal’s management system is he said, “We run the business in a responsible way – we know there are at least six teams who have a minimum requirement of being in the Champions League… So we have that robustness built into our business model that we can have some seasons in the Europa League and still make the investments we need.”

Also, Venkatesham decided to become the new managing director for Arsenal after Ivan Gazidis left his role Chief Executive to become one for AC Milan.

Moreover, in order to climb back to Europe’s top club position, Arsenal needs to force its way back into the top four positions which are currently held by Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham. In the Premier League. And while the supporter want to see their team back in the Champions League competition, their current situation attracts more signings, leading to more financial income for the club coffers.

And Venkatesham, rightfully agrees that Europa League is costing them tens of millions of pounds in revenue, he assures that there’s no urgent need to recover those funds right now.

As he says, “It is not going to be easy but I absolutely, 100 percent believe Arsenal Football Club can get back to where it needs to get.”

Followed by, “The first step we need to do is get back into the Champions League and then we need to start competing and then we need to start winning the biggest trophies in the game.”

Looking at the current standing of the club, he commented, “We need to be realistic, last season we finished sixth and we had our second season in a row in the Europa League – that is not where we want this football club to be.”

“It is hard to put a number on it because it depends how well you do in the Europa League and how well you do in the Champions League and it depends on how many English clubs are in both.”

While, under Arsene Wenger, Arsenal managed to reach the Europa League semi-final and now under Emery’s guidance, they have progressed from the group stage. And winning the tournament or finishing in first top-four positions will guarantee them a return to Champions League in three years time.

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