Twitter Reacts to UEFA Nations League

UEFA Nations Legaue has started and many people are still not sure what it is and how it will work. The amount of club football and Interntational footbal has made it quite difficult for players as well as the fans to keep up with the pace. So, many are wondering how this new football tournament will fit in the busy schedule. Thursday saw the inaugural games of the UEFA Nations League  and we got mixed reactions from the fans on twitter.

We have compiled some of the most liked and retweeted tweets in order to give you a better understanding of the pubic sentiment towards this new league.

This tweet shows one of the most common reactions towards the league.


Yup! People are still confused about the league.



And the people who don’t know much about the league continued to ask on twitter.

Some of the fans were able to understand the league and actually appreciated.


And some people actually don’t really care about this league.


As you can see, there have been a number of mixed reactions over the UEFA Nations League. Since it is the first major tournament that has been launched from scratch since past few decades, it was bound to cause confusion among the players as well as the fans.

However, as the tournament gets going and more people get to know the format and other details of the tournament, more people will embrace it. In case you are one of the fans who do not know much about the UEFA Nations League, you can check our indepth guide to what this tournament is all about and how it will work.

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