Twitter Reacts to Real Madrid Champions League Loss! ‘Missing Ronaldo’ Echos

Yesterday, Real Madrid suffered a rare UEFA Champions League defeat at the hands of CSKA Moscow. The primary reason being the fact that Madrid’s forward line was unable to put up an impressive show and put the ball behind the net. Nikola Vlasic scored for CSKA Moscow in the 2nd minute of the game to give a lead that would last the entire game and would result in a huge upset of this Champions League.

It was not that Real Madrid could not get the ball or could not attack. In fact, Madrid had 73 percent posession and had 26 shots on goal. However, only 4 shots were on target. This is where most of the Real Madrid fans remembered the time when they had Cristiano Ronaldo who would easily score a couple of goals and take Real Madrid through. But, this time around there was no Ronaldo. And many of the Ronaldo fans were quick to point this out on Twitter:


Some suggested that Real Madrid was missing Ronaldo but the mistake was not to lose Ronaldo, rather the mistake was not to be able to sign high quality players to replace such a legend. And also Madrid lacked in tactics.

Another tweet mentioned Ronaldo along with another legend, Zinedine Zidane, the former manager of Real Madrid.

Well, if someone points out that the team has lost 3 consecutive games and is missing the greatest footballer of all time, you can’t really argue with that.

Many Real Madrid fans realized the importance of Cristiano Ronaldo. Only, if the team management had realized how important Ronaldo was for their team’s success.


This guy pointed out that Madrid was not able to score a single goal in the last 3 matches. This is so uncharacteristic of Real Madrid. But then again, they are without their all time highest goal scorer, who was literally carrying them to trophies during the past 9 years or so

Whether you like Cristiano Ronaldo or not, one thing is for sure, Real Madrid are surely missing the legend. And are much weaker in attack ever since Ronaldo has left the club.

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