The Top 10 Football Jersey’s Of All Time!

One thing that all football fans take pride in is their collection of football jersey’s. While some fans only wear the jersey’s of their favorite club, others have a collection of several clubs and players. Over the years, we have seen many football jersey’s become famous because of various reasons. Sometimes it is the performance of a team that makes a jersey highly in demand and other times, its some particular player who makes a football jersey famous all over the world. We have compiled a list of some of the best selling football jersey’s over the years. We are sure that not only the young football fans, but also the older one’s will be able to recall some amazing memories with these best selling football jersey’s

10 – Totenham 1985-1987

9 – United States 1994

8 – Verdy Kawasaki 1993-1994

7 – Netherlands 1970s

6 – Mexico 1997-1999

5 – Manchester United 1993-1995

4 – Brazil 2018

3 – Newcastle United 1995-1997

2 – Barcelona 2010-2011

1 – Real Madrid 2011-12

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